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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall time in TN, I mean football time in TN.

Tonight starts football season, which in my mind, is the start of fall. Seems a little early right? It's not even September yet. None the less, fall is on my mind. 
I am a sucker for blue and white dishes/ transfer ware and couldn't pass these up for $1 a piece. 
Also, I have seen pumpkins. Yes for sale, but also on someone's porch! What?! Too early. However, I am getting excited about fall and decorating and that means Christmas is coming! 
Oh wait, back to fall. Kirklands has some CUTE stuff for fall surprisingly. 
I am so excited about this. He came home with me today. How super cute is this? 
So did these towels, can't go wrong with a monogram towel for $3.50 a piece. 
These frames are super cute too, didn't buy one but I might have to when they're in sale. 
They also have a lot of cute initial things, chalkboards etc. I was impressed! 
That's all for now folks. 

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