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Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Weekend Before Babies!

This past Saturday was probably the last yard sale day for a while. I did manage to get a few baby gowns and sleepers and I also got....

This acrylic ice bucket for $1. I had the vinyl H which I got from hobby lobby a while ago for  about $2. Not bad for $3 right.

I also got this old rusty galvanized bucket that I can use as a planter for $2

And I got to see my BFF. We hung out for the last time before I become a mommy. We had lunch and did some shopping, she came to see the nursery and we laid around the rest of the day.  

Hubby and I also went to church for the last time as a family of 2. Crazy, I still can't believe it's here! I will be holding 2 babies basically in 2 days!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Its been a week since I have posted... not to worry, no babies yet! HA! It has been a pretty busy few days...
I have been CLEANING the house... like DEEP cleaning... doors, cabinets, behind all the furniture... you name it! It feels great to have such a clean house!

Saturday, I was thrilled to find all this at a yard sale for $5!!! Yes, al of it, bowls, plates and dessert plates, they will come in handy for sure.... plus WAY cheaper then paper!
Sunday was of course, Mothers Day. The soon to be Daddy got me a Hydrangea plant to plant.... (still have to do that). We celebrated with both of our Moms that day.

Selfie on my 1st Mothers Day! 35 weeks preggers (almost 36)

Caleb and I on Mothers Day.

Also on Sunday, I found out that Kim was rushed to the hospital. She was in a lot of pain and her brain was bleeding. I woke up to a call on Monday morning that she had passed. Last night was her visitation and today was the funeral. It is never easy to see friends pass, especially one that was as close to me as Kim was. I am so thankful that she was out living just a few days before and it really makes last Friday that much more special. She wanted to see the babies so bad.... but I know that she is looking at them now, seeing their faces before anyone and not only that... but she is with God, feeling no more pain!
I thought this song was very appropriate for her funeral today. My SIL sang it along with "Come Thou Fount" and they also played "Amazing Grace" and " Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
It was a beautiful celebration of her life... she will definitely be missed. It still doesn't feel real.
I posted this on FaceBook today...
Pretty neat that exactly one week from today I will be holding my sweet little ones and this the verse of the day on my Bible app. "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:13-14
and sent this to the Mr.....

It is still unbelievable that there are actually 2 babies!! I hope we are ready!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Shop, Shop, Shop

Yesterday was a busy busy day, I had one of my first experiences at Cosco with my SIL and we did some shopping at TJ's and Target.
Then I went to 2 thrift stores...

Got this sweet outfit for $1.50

This one (brand new with $45 Bailey Boys tag) for $5.

And this one (also brand new with Bailey Boys tag for $45) for $6. It is size 12M so hopefully next spring he can wear it.
Y'all know that I LOVE lanterns! Its become quite a dilemma because I keep telling myself I don't need anymore! They are all over my house...

But when I saw 2 of these (even though they were $20), they had to come home with me. Now to find a spot for them.

And I got another boxwood. I really like the shape of it.
My Sis and I stopped today at a few yard sales, there weren't many, so maybe we will have some luck in the morning, but I did get 2 things...
This cute brand new reindeer car set for $3 (they crack me up) and a RL pillow for $1. Not too bad right?
I also got a cute navy/white strip summer scarf today at Platos for $3 and a pair of really cute leopard print flats for $7! SCORE!
I met my friend Kim today at a tea room for lunch and we celebrated mothers day, she got me a really cute scarf! And tonight I am off to some friends of ours wedding. Busy day!
Now to take a smallish nap or 2... HA!

Monday, May 6, 2013


This is me on my (2nd to) last day of work, I still cant believe I am actually done after a little over 2 years of being here....I am going to miss everyone so much!!!
Random... but my mom snapped this picture of  my Daddy and me having lunch after church on Sunday at Panera.
Also, another random thing....
I have been wanting to make my daddy-to-be a daddy basket for the hospital and today I found these...

I typically am not thrilled with Daddy and Mommy stuff but I thought these were pretty cute, I got 2 of course.
In celebration of my last day, one of my co-workers brought me a treat....

Have y'all ever had a cheesecake cupcake from Gigis? OMG.... delish! Don't worry, I shared!
I saw this today at a  local gift store....
How cute it that? I love it!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden Party

 A few weeks ago I went into this super cute store, Little Presh. They have all kinds of cute baby and kid things and the owner and I talked for quite a while.

Anyways, I ran into her a few more times and came back to the store and she invited me and another friend who shops there to come to a Garden Party at her church.
Come to find out, it is a lot like the Woman's Christmas Tea we have at our church every year around Christmas. A woman hosts a table and decorates it and there is dinner and a speaker. However, here they also had a silent auction and door prizes, how fun? 
Another funny thing is, I knew another girl that was also at the table with us. Such a small world!
This was our table. It was SUPER cute. All done in coral and mint colors.
 Did I mention that it really makes me want to host a party and buy a Cricket/Silhouette machine?

I love these paper straws. We had them in our drinks and in the cupcakes, so cute!
The center piece was simple, tissue balls on 2 cake stands and tulips in the glass jars. LOVED it!
 The speaker was a woman who is a missionary in the D.R. who's ministry is focused on woman involved in Sex Trafficking, she did a great job. That is some serious stuff right there, breaks my heart!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Work Lunch

Yesterday at work, the lovely ladies took me to the Chop House for a special goodbye/baby shower lunch. It was so sweet! We got diapers, bottles, bath stuff and 2 little bath robes for the twins. 

They also had these yummy cupcakes for Baby A and Baby B.... how cute?
I am blessed to work with some great ladies... they will all be missed!

I had a doc appointment afterwards. All went well and he said the babies look great! The funny thing is, I saw a neighbor of mine there who is ALSO having twins! HA! He also said that the babies are probably 4.5 pounds- 5 pounds! WOW! The good news is, I have only gained 10 pounds! How great is that???
Excuse the terrible picture, but we finally got the curtains up!

They look great! Shout out to my Momma for making them! I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby and used a 40%  coupon, so it only ended up costing around $15... I think I need some more of these! HA!
We only have a few more things to hang on the wall and the nursery is DONE! I cant wait to show the finished product, and I promise I will use a REAL camera!
And the count down continues.... 3 weeks from today!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May is the Month!

May is the Month! The babies will be here in 22 days or less!! I still can't believe it!
And for that reason, yesterday was very productive!

We both got a little too much sun while working outside (well mostly the Mr. worked on the yard and cleaned cars, while I watched and worked on painting the wood for the Bible verse for the babies room....
This is how it turned out. EEK! I LOVE it! I think I am going to hang it above the curtains with burlap ribbon. I cant wait to get everything hung up on the walls and see the finished product... now we officially have ALL the furniture for the room.....

We got a call saying our chair was in! So we went and picked it up and put it in the room. It matches so perfectly and hugs you while you rock, Caleb quite enjoyed it. He also hung the curtain rod up so hopefully the curtains will be up today (once I iron them)
Not only did we do all that, I cleaned all our bathrooms and the kitchen, did 2 loads of laundry, and I was excited to find a match to the Jenny Lind highchair that we got from a lady for $45!  
And being sun burnt and feeling summery, I pulled out my summer time scent from Bath and Body, turned on some Kenny Chesney No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems took a shower  and then we pulled out the grill for the first time this year and the Mr. grilled out hamburgers! Yummy yummy!
Doc appointment today. We will see how everything looks!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Shopping Weekend!

Saturday was a rainy day, but that didn't stop this Momma from running around town shopping and going to yard sales!
I hit up the TJ Maxx in Cleveland and got all kinds of stuff...
This table runner, I LOVE the navy and blue print for $12.

I am kicking myself for not buying this metal lantern for $20

I did get this for $40. Thought that was a deal... I have NEVER seen them that cheap.

And I got this wicker side table on clearance for $40, it was $60!

The real reason I was in Cleveland was to see one of my very good friends who just had her baby.

This is sweet baby Kate in my arms. Is she not the sweetest, cutest thing you have ever seen? She really is beautiful... look at all her hair!
My Sis and I also hit up some yard sales.... we had a little success...

$2 boots

I don't like the cover but I got the pillow for the down insert for $.50

Then, I got all these books ( a lot) for $2.
Saturday night we had a BBQ shower at Caleb's Aunts house for his brother who is getting married in June. It was pretty cool out and damp, my shoes would not fit so I was barefoot and freezing! By the end of the night, I was worn out, wrapped in a blanket and had borrowed fuzzy socks from Caleb's aunt. LOVELY right? Also, that night, I guess because we ate so late, I had to sleep sitting up because my reflux was SO BAD! It was terrible. But the shower was great, they got a lot of good things! We got them tools, luggage tags, monogram pillow cases and address labels! YAY for personalized stuff!
My friend Kim and I had brunch at Bonefish yesterday and we went next door to Francesca's. Everything was 20% off and you wont believe what they had...

Look at these cute floppy bunnies! She bought me 2 of them. And they match my nursery perfect, they are so snuggly!
I spotted this super cute purse and really loved it... she bought it for me too. Is that not the sweetest thing? I LOVE IT!!!
Thank you Kim!!!!
They also had these adorable lamb onesies in pink and blue that said " I am Blessed" how sweet is that? If they weren't so expensive I would have gotten them.
Lots of new goodies, and a good, but tiring weekend!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Babies Are A-Comin!

I still can't believe that there are 2 babies that will be here in less then a month (BTW 8 months til Christmas... they will be 7 months old... oh my gosh, I cant stand it! How fun??!!!)

Their closet is coming along. I love the baskets, we got them at Home Goods for extra storage.
Here is a sneak peek of how their room is coming along...

It is coming along, only thing left is to hang the curtain rod and the burlap panels, (which my mom made! THANK YOU!) hang the art work (bible verse, name canvases above their bed and animal canvases) and get my chair! YAY!

I got some things off my registry that were available online only....

4 bibs and 4 burp cloths ($30)

And for him. Arent they cute?
Then I ordered some highchair/shopping cart covers as well. We will see how they look in person.
Also, I got quilts for their bed, which I am super excited about. Most baby quilts are $50 plus a monogram. I decided to buy a white queen quilt from Stein Mart for $25 and my seamstress cut it into 2 baby sized quilts for $12. Then I got their monogram put on it. THEY LOOK SO GOOD, and cost half the price! EEK! I love good, money saving ideas!

Here is my latest project. A bow holder for little baby b. There are so many cute ideas out there! I spent $7 on the wood (40% off) and letters to spell out her name (30% off) from Hobby Lobby.
I think I am going to paint them a pale green and glue them on the wood , then glue on the ribbon to hold the bows and tie a bow on the top to hang from.
I think it will be super cute!

I got a special delivery today!  My moms friend made me my "Take Home Outfits"
Girl's Pink Monogrammable Bubble
This is the picture I shared with her when I told here what I was looking for... one for her and one for him.

And here is the finished product!  Now to add their monogram and call it a day! YAY! Aren't they sweet?
She also made me all of these cute burp cloths for her

And all of these for him.
YAY! Now they can spit up on style! HA!
 Looks like we have plenty burp cloths now!
Spring Birds Car Seat Strap Covers on Turquoise Minky Dot
Yesterday I ordered these adorable car seat strap covers (totally not a necessity but SO CUTE) I got this fabric for her with pink minky fabric
Urban Spring Birds- Burp Cloth on Vanilla Chenille
And this pattern for him with the blue minky fabric on the back.
OMG I can't WAIT to get them!
I got 2 of these car seat covers (because they were tax free and free shipping and were the cheapest I could find that I like) for $15 each. I like the print and figured I could do their names or monogram and do hers in pink to girl it up a bit.
I also ordered (I promise this is is) these adorable headbands. They came in a pack of 12 and were $2 a piece. Not too shabby right. LOVE them!
So hopefully the Mr. wont kill me....
Blame it on cute baby things!!!!!
AHHH I can't help it!