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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Monogram Tray

I was in Garden Ridge the other day and actually found quite a few things, including a few monogram garden flags for $6 and $8. Can't beat that, right?
A little while back I also bought this rug for my living room. I had a sisal rug and with babies crawling and walking all over it, it was time for a soft one. Of course I didn't want to spend a lot since the twins are the messiest humans on the planet, so this one does the job. It's cheap, but cute and I am also loving the gray color! 
They also had these adorable trays for $6!!! (They had chevron ones too, I am thinking of going back to get more!) Anyways, all I did was have the vinyl printed off and now I have the perfect gift!! Cheap, monogrammed and cute. Fits all of my requirements! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Plate Holder

Long story short, my inlwas moved and didn't need their kitchen island so they let me have this one. It's a great fit but not really the look I was going for. However it was free and it's practical so it's staying.

I need to figure out a way to accessorize it, especially since it's pretty much the only surface the twins can't reach and yank stuff off!!! 

I have been looking for a plate holder or fruit holder but couldn't find one I liked until this past weekend. 

I finally found the perfect one at an antique store for $20, not a bad deal either. It's very unique and I really like the look of it. My plates however are gigantic and won't fit on the plate stand so I have been on the hunt for some to fit. 
I found these today at goodwill for $1 a piece. They are from Better Homes and Garden (which I guess is walmart) I like antique look and the edges especially! 

It will be perfect to hold our fruit and dress up the kitchen island a little! 

Of course I came out with clothes for the babies too.... Too much! Ill share those later. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

DIY Bow Holder

Think back to This post from way back when I started the bow holder. Yes, it was quite a while ago!! And who knew that my little one still doesn't have much hair! But, by gosh, she always has a bow on (even if it's attached to a headband). 
What do you think!? She's got a ton of bows in every size and every color! I can't help but love bows on little ones. 
All I did was buy the supplies and paint and glue them all together. Everything came from hobby lobby including the 2 piecese of burlap ribbon that the bows are hanging from which I stapled to the back and glued. And of course the wood piece and the wooden letters for her name. Very easy! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mason Jar Lamp

I have been on the hunt for a small lamp for my kitchen for a while now (atleast a year). I have searched everywhere and just didn't want to pay $30 for a lamp I didn't really love. I love the look of the mason jar lamps and any clear glass lamps for that matter, so, I decided to make my own. 
I bought the kit on amazon for $10! Which is a great deal considering it has an on/off switch and fits a small mouth mason jar. 
I got the lamp shade from Garden Ridge and loved the look of it for $10. 

I already had several mason jars and even though I wanted to use a blue one, the big clear one I had looked better with the shade 
Don't you think it turned out well!? I couldn't be happier and the total coat was about $20 (I get my mason jars free or very cheap, maybe $1) 

Yay for a new lamp!! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Babies Birthday

The babies turned 1 on May 23. And we had a "You are my Sunshine" theme (even though there are 2 sunshines. HA!). Lots of yellow, orange and chalkboards! 

I still can't believe they are a year old. It blows my mind to think how fast this year has gone....It is very bittersweet. 

Here they are.... 
I made everything. It was exhausting!!! Ha. The fabric banners turned out super cute and super easy. I even bought an old sheet and a yellow pillow case at the thrift store to use. It was perfect. All you do is cut strips and tie them around a piece of string. I did the chalkboards too. They took forever but it was super fun and turned out really cute. 
The wreath was easy too. I got the number from hobby lobby and painted it yellow, hung it from my wreath hanger and then hung the wreath on top. Super easy. 
I ordered the invited from etsy and printed them myself, so easy and very cheap to do. You pay someone to do the design and print them at home or have them printed. Easy peesy! The happy birthday banner, the "we're one" and the "one" on their high chairs took forever too. I was being cheap. Maybe too cheap. 1. A hole punch. 2. Double sides tape. 3. Letters from the dollar store. 4. White card stock 5. A bowl as a template to make circles 6. Scissors. I traced a bowl and cut out circles from the card stock and got yellow letters from the dollar tree (in the teacher section) and taped them on, then punched 2 holes and put them on a string. Very time consuming but cheap and cute! 
The came was so yummy and simple from SAMs club and the two cupcakes I found at publix and they were perfect! I did all yellow and orange food- different kinds of cheese and crackers, pineapple, cantaloupe, orange slices and chips and salsa. Then of course had mason jars with lemon slices, yellow paper straws with lemonade, lemon water, tea and Sunny D. I am a little too much into themes!! Ha. I can't help it! I got a $1 wrapping paper from Micheals craft store and used it as my table runners on both the food table and the cake table. I love this idea and it makes for easy cleanup! 
Here are the onesies they wore, simple and cute. I love them! 

That's pretty much it. Lots of fun, a lot of crafting and Pinterest! 

I'm Back!!

Hey y'all!! Guess who?? Can you believe it!!?? I'm gonna try this blogging thing again but y'all know I am a little busy with two 1 year olds!!! Yes, they're a year old now! It's been a year since I have blogged. A lot has happened since then. I want this blog to be more about my thrifty finds and my treasure hunts, which is my new favorite hobby. By the way, no one told me how $$ kid and baby stuff is. Sheesh!!! Even more reason to buy used!
My little ones pretty much wear all used clothing and shoes. I just can't justify The expense with our limited budget.... but I'm ok with it because I truly love shopping for deals and "treasure hunting".

So here it goes. Now that the babies are wearing shoes, I am buying them is ALL sizes if I find the right pair. Ha. I know, a little crazy right? But they'll wear them eventually.  And the way they're growing right now it could be a few weeks from now!!! 

And yes. These all all keds for my child. Ha. I love them. They are classic, bleach-able and I just can't pass them up. All shoes were $2 (some of the keds might be a few $ more) not bad right!!?? 

Goodwill has all infant clothing for $1.29 and kids for $2.49 no matter what it is. I have found some great things. Some new with tags, smocked, and boutique brands.  

And I don't find as much home stuff but I have found a few things. 

$3 small pitcher and a moss wreath for $2. I wish I had a before picture of the wreath, it had some ugly flowers on it that were falling off, so all I did was take them off and there you have it. I love it! 
Not a great picture but this has 4 Christmas hostess gifts brand new for $3! Woop woop cute right!? 
And this was $1. I'll paint it white eventually and keep for toys or coloring stuff. Perfect right!? 
And I can't pass up 2 matching frames with mats for $3 each! These things are pricey in stores!! 
Goodwill also. $1. Easy to disinfect! And Grace is very much into pushing things around and LOVES it. Can't beat the price!!   

Also. The blogger app sucks. Any pointers? I can't get anything centered! I've always hated it, I was hoping it would be better a year later and it's not. 👎