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Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Has Risen Indeed

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Praise God Sunday is here and the stone is rolled away and tomb is EMPTY!

We went to church Saturday night since the Mr. has to work this morning. Here we are, (all 4 of us... almost 30 weeks pregnant) our last Easter as a family of 2.
Just stuck a pie in the oven and will be headed to be with my family in a bit.

Thank you Jesus for being the ultimate sacrifice.

Happy Easter everyone!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tickled Pink!

I wanted to share some pictures from the baby shower I did last Sunday.
It was pretty low key with only a few guests.
The shower was hot pink, green and white.
I made the hot pink tissue balls, had the white lanterns and the green "bursts" are from Hobby Lobby.

We had fruit and dip, pimento cheese and crackers and a key lime pie (from Publix, which was delicious!!!)  with pink/lime lemonade

I used a hot pin stripe wrapping paper that I found at Marshall's, of all places, HA! I looked everywhere for wrapping paper!

I love the mason jars with the slice of lime and the pink and white paper straws!

All the gifts under the fireplace.

The invite
The soon to be mommy opening some gifts.

More personalized gifts from a talented friend, shout out to Cheryl!
I didn't get a picture of what I bought her, but it was a monogram onesie with matching diaper cover/bloomers. So cute!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Business

This weekend was super busy! I had to work all day Saturday and it was really busy! (BTW, I counted, and I have only 3 Saturdays OR LESS to work! PTL!). Then we had some friends come over.
We found out a friend of ours purchased an extra infant car seat and has only used it a few times and she is giving it to us! How great is that? And then I found the base to fit the car seat for $50 on a FB resale site. I'll take it! YAY! So now we only have to get one seat/base.

Since I was having a small baby shower at my house on Sunday, (I will share pictures soon) I decided to put some new fresh pillows on the front porch. It looks so much better!
Sunday consisted of church, baby shower from 2-5 and small group at our house from 7-12. I was exhausted! And so glad to have Monday off, especially because it was so windy all night I didn't sleep well.
It has been so cold here the past few days and spitting snow constantly! I thought it was spring? That darn groundhog is a big fat LIAR!
Yesterday, I decided to go hunting for some new PJ's for the hospital and I figured I needed to start getting those things together. I also had a facial and it was DEVINE! I told the lady that she needs to come by the hospital and do them because she could make some BIG money! HA!
Today I had a doctor appointment and everything looks good! They're both getting so big! He is weighing 3 pounds 2 ounces and she weighs 2 pounds 15 ounces. I go back next week to see if he will let me go to the beach for 2 nights (we will see... my husband is worried about it.... )
Can yall believe Easter is this weekend? Craziness! Easter dresses are a lot harder to find when you're preggers. I ordered a few things the other day, one of which is a cute eye lit dress from Old Navy (they had it in navy and white but they sold out... grr), I hope it comes and I hope it fits. Their sizes can be really weird sometimes.
My Mom say this offer the other day, so we both decided to take advantage of it.
banner image top
Sweet Pea Bodysuit
These were on clearance for $5.50 a piece, so my mom ordered 2 (becuase they are 2 peas in a pod.. HA!)
Dog Polo Bodysuit
And I got this cute little shirt for Free! (well almost, Like $2)
Turtle Embroidered Bodysuit
Then I ordered this shirt for $11.50
Polo Bodysuit
And got this one for (almost) free. YAY!
(little boy needs some clothes... HA! Slowly but surly... and I did go on Ebay and order some RL stuff for him.
Cant wait to see them here and in these clothes I am buying!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ralph Lauren Babies

Saturday I had lunch with a dear friend after I went to the half off day at the JBF consignment sale. (which I scored some great items... see pictures below)
We ate lunch and the Chop House (yummy) and she bought the babies matching RL blankets. I almost died.... are these not so stinkin adorable? And it's their first blankets!

My sister and I went and painted pottery Saturday afternoon and I decided to paint a piggy bank to match the twins room, I cant wait to pick him up and see how he turned out. My sis made an Auburn candy bowl.

Also, when I got home that night, I had a surprise on my door step! The babies Artwork!!! I was so excited and even more so when I opened up the package. I also got 2 canvases with their names on them (which I cant show you quite yet, but they look amazing!) How sweet are these canvases? She is so talented! I was so pleased! She did the names for $36 a piece and these canvases for $66 each. This is here Etsy website, Miss Pokadot, She is terrific!

 My Sis and I went to a consignment sale on Thursday afternoon (which didnt have much to choose from). This is all I picked up. 2 RL dresses $6 a piece and a little romper for $3.
$15 total at the Duck Duck Goose Sale.

Time to share what I got at the 1/2 off sale from Saturday. 
2 RL rompers (not half off) but $4.50 and $5.00 was not too bad and poor little boy needs some clothes. HA!

More RL stuff for out little girl... CHEAP stuff...$2, $3,$2.50 and  $4 (dress)

$1.50 Gap shirt,. $2, Carters shirt $2, duckie shirt $.75, $1.50 Gap yellow PJ's

Adorable little bathing suit (we will see if she is able to wear it,( it says 12-18 lbs) $2.50 and crab romper $1.50

Gap outfit with hat $2, Strasburg White linen Jon Jon $7.50, which I can get monogrammed!
$44 for all of that is pretty darn good if I do say so myself!
My MIL went to the beach for a few days and hit up the RL outlet and also bought me some matching polos. This is his, Hers is similar but has ruffles. I cant wait to see them in it!
Apparently my babies have no choice but to LOVE Ralph Lauren... HA!
What a fun weekend! Full of baby stuff!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrift Shoping

Yesterday, I was off work and got a chance to catch up on cleaning and laundry. Plus, I even cleaned out my closet and all of my drawers (really why do I keep some of that stuff??). I threw away one whole bag of stuff and got another bag to give to my SIL. Plus, I was even able to sell a few RL polo shirts, I made $25!
Since I was off, I was able to also get some shopping done. One of which was a Target run... always fun!
HA., I love these Ecards.
 Oh, and BTW....so, they have their Easter candy out... TROUBLE!
These things are MAJOR addicting, and the tropical flavor is pretty tasty as well.
I also had some time to make a few Thrift Store stops.
Got some more great deals. YIPPEE!
Y'all ready to see....

PJ pants size 12 months $.50

Target pants $.50

onesie. $.50

RL onesie $.50


RL shirt $4

RL dress $4

Boys gown $1

RL dress $4

And I found a great deal on these BRAND new Sperrys. They are a little big but I couldn't pass them up for $3.
I have one more consignment sale today, so we will see what else I come out with. I am about BROKE! HA....
The other thing that is good about all these good deals I have been getting is I can sell them back at a consignment sale! YIPPEE!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

My manager is officially on maternity leave and since we are short staffed in the office, we get to close on Sundays until she comes back. By that time I will be having babies... which means.... I NEVER have to work another Sunday again! PTL!

She went in at midnight on Wednesday night to be induced and he was born on Thursday night around 9pm. He weighs 7pounds 8ounces, 19-1/2" long.

He is a sweet baby boy! So crazy that I will be holding 2 little babies in about 10 weeks (or less)
This is one of the sweetest books that a dear friend of mine bought for me and I thought it would be fitting to buy it for my manager, plus I hate to show up empty handed.
Saturday was a long day! I went from working all day straight to Calebs cousins wedding downtown. I drove around forever TERRIFIED of trying to parallel park by new bus, but luckily I found one I could just pull into. HA! I was not going to try to attempt that after driving it for only 3 days.
Sunday was a struggle getting out of the bed, especially with the time change and I had another busy day ahead. I went to D-groups, church, saw my Uncle (that was in town unexpectedly), my friend Stephanie came in town from Nashville and we ate at Bonefish and went shopping, then my family came over for a bit and then we had our small group over.... (did you get all of that?) HA!
He would so kill me if he knew I was sharing this picture, but I couldn't help it. My heart melted. He is holding our friends baby snow. SOOOOOO sweet! (Dear Jesus, forgive me, I snuck this picture during the prayer... )
Due to my crazy weekend, I missed the opening days of the Just Between Friends sale (another consignment sale) and since I had to be at work at 11:30, I decided to wake up and go this morning before work.
 I could not believe how BIG this sale was and was glad to see so much left over!

2 little girl smocked bubbles, blue-3 months ($5) and pink- 3-6 months ($5)

Little outfit (Pixie Lily) 3-6 months $6 and Gap shirt (newborn) $1.50
Carters romper (3 months) $4.

Boys sailboat romper (3 months) $3. and (3 months) RL onesie $4 

$30 total is not too shabby and I will probably sell consign them next year!
I haven't taken pictures yet, but Carters was having a big sale, almost everything was 40% of 50% off plus I had a coupon for an extra 20% off. Poor little boy doesn't have nearly as much as our little girl. Luckily, I got a lot of cute boy outfits and the good thing about Carters is, you can ALWAYS return things and they will give you your money back! Pictures to come soon! They have super cute summer stuff out right now and a lot of the outfits were cheaper then consignment prices!