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Monday, February 27, 2012

Craft Day

Saturday, I had lunch with a dear friend and had my favorite soup and salad at Olive Garden. We like to give each other little "surprises" (as we call them) so, needless to say this was on display when I got to the restaurant and it made my day!
Is that not the sweetest thing? I love the Peace Lily. I had mentinoned that I wanted one and she remembered and bought it for me, is it not so pretty?
I also got a Valentine gift with mints, cute tissues with hearts on them and Twizlers! Plus, a really cute spring towel and some cute spring napkins with paper plates that match! YAY for Spring!
When can I start decorating for spring?

My sis and I also decided to have a craft day. We were in Hobby Lobby for half the day deciding what do make but this is what we ended up with...
I have seen these yarn wreaths all over pinterest and blog world so I decided to make one.
Total cost $13.
All it is is: a straw wreath, navy yarn and the rosettes.
I didnt even use any glue. Its super easy, just takes a while to wrap the entire wreath with yarn.
I am thinking about trying to make some burlap rosettes or possibly getting some other colors for spring but I am loving this for July 4, evern though it is WAY early, HA we are already thinking summer at our house and planning vacations and such. I cant wait!
This is my sisters creation.
She bought a straw wreath at the Thrift Store that already had the florist pins in it for $1.50. We bought the W and the gingham fabric at Hob Lob and here you go... again NO GLUE and so easy! I am thinking I may make one for spring.

Sunday we went to church, a baby shower and small group.
What a FUN weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nashville Night Trip

I FINALLY got my Christmas present last night! Hubs and I spent the night in Downtown Nashville and went to the Lady A concert. We have never really gone on an overnight trip so it was a lot of fun! We also have never sat on the floor at a concert. I could not believe how close we were to everyone.
Before the concert, we ate an early dinner at Maggianos (YUM) It was so delicious. We also went to Green Hills Mall to shop around a  bit... it is a very "fancy" Mall, so we just enjoyed browsing....HA

Then, we headed to our Hotel to park and unload and get ready for the concert. We stayed at the Double Tree, which was so nice because it was literally 3 blocks away from the Arena, and with all that standing at the concert, we were glad to be staying so close, plus not having to worry about parking.

This is Thompson Square opening, singing "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" See the lips in the background? HA

And here is Darius Rucker, he sang some old Hootie songs, plus, "Purple Rain" and "Family Tradition"
Here we are. We stood for a long time.... my feet were killing me but it was worth it!
Lady A!!!

So close to them....
They put on a great show, and even surprised everyone with Sara Evans and Luke Bryant! You never know who is gonna show up at a concert in Nashville!
Next week we head to KnoxVegas to see The Band Perry and Brad Paisley! YAY!

We stopped to eat at one of my favorite lunch places Newks which we don't have. And we made a quick stop at Old Time Pottery. I did not buy anything but I did consider
these navy,white and red stars.... I especially like the navy one. Wouldn't they be cute to do something with for July 4?
I got this grassy ball for $6 from a cute little house store, Harmony Home, which I visited this past summer and also mentioned here in this post.

We had a great time. Now, back to the working world.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Fever

For some reason I like I change my hair every so often, especially in the warmer months. So, call it spring fever but I chopped my hair off. It's gonna take some getting used to for sure. What do y'all think?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It Feels Like Spring

Is anyone else feeling Spring like me? I feel like it is already here with the 60's weather we have had lately (even though today is cold and rainy). So, needless to say, I have spring decor on my mind and I can not wait to see everything come to life again and bloom! I love it.

Browsing Pinterest the other day I spotted some moss bunnies and fell in love with them. Then I found out they were only $3 a piece at Pier 1 so I picked some up for myself and my sister!

You know I love me some topiaries!  (Pinterest) but I WILL be making one of my own!

fun, spring arrangement (Pinterest)

Are they not so cute? I had to have a few!

Then I spotted these little guys
White, distressed owl for $4.
white distressed bunny for $4. How cute is he? Especially in a nursery? They have a bigger one too that I am considering going back to buy.

Our small group had a girls sleepover at my house on Friday night while the men when camping, and to shoot stuff  (oh Lordy). Us girls spent the night talking, baking cookies and painting canvases. Everyone did such a great job and we had so much fun doing it. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of all the creative art pieces, hopefully someone did, but here is mine...
I feel like it looks so little boyish... I don't think that I will do anything with it but it was a lot of fun. It stressed me out though just trying to come up with what to paint... ha! Oh well...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

I had a wonderful Valentines Day. The Hubs and I celebrated on Tuesday night to avoid the crowds. We had dinner at J. Alexanders....

This is what happened on our way home.... we got pulled over! Oops... luckily they gave him a warning!

This is the card I made for him, it is so cheesy but I think its cute! I also bought him a shirt and tickets to go see Brad Paisley and The Band Perry in Knoxville nest month,YAY!

Speaking of cheesy, I made Valentines for everyone at my work. They had a lollipop on the front and said "Thanks for being there for me when things get sticky"... hehe. I also brought in leftover oreo balls and cupcakes from the shower. They were gone with the quickness.

These are my beautiful Roses from my Valentine, he also got me a new Bible

My Momma surprised me at work with candy, a card and....

these lovely earrings! My mother knows me so well.... monogram anything!

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bridal Shower

I shared with you that I threw a shower for one of my very dear friends this past Saturday. It was a whole lot of fun, especially in my new and improved dining room!

Here is what I did.... Made black and white tissue balls to hang from the curtain rod and the light fixture...
displayed the food.... and used wrapping paper for platters and as a table runner! Very cheap solution!

this is the cupcakes I made and the stand I made from Pinterest (so easy) Check out DIY here
yummy cupcakes with matching cupcake paper and toppers (Hobby Lobby, where basically everything came from)

I even made the little labels (also Hobby Lobby) out of name cards

The Bride-to-be and her table.... (the drinks were on my new sideboard, which is a tad hard to see)

Me and Courtney

The monogram bag I gave her, because every newly wed needs her new monogram on something!

And, just for kicks.... She was very excited about her knife set!

It was a success.... good company, yummy food, what could get any better?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

White "Toppings"

The Wedding Shower for my very best friend was today. It went so well. It all came together perfectly even though it has been so cold today and SNOWING!

Before I share more pictures and such about the shower I wanted to share some recipes that I used for the food today. It was all very yummy!

Probably the biggest hit was the Veggie Dip.
All you needs is:
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch mix
1 cup Sour Cream
1/2 cup Mayo
1 1/2 cup cottage cheese
(I added some green onions as well)

Combine all and serve! Yum

Another is a recipe from Caleb's Granmommie that she uses for Sunday lunches.
Fruit Dip
1 large jar Marshmallow Cream
2 Cream Cheese
1 tsp. Vanilla
2 tsp. Powder Sugar
Combine and serve.

And last but not least... Butter Cream Icing for the cupcakes.

1 cup Criso
1/8 cup Water
1/2 tsp. Butter Extract
1/4 tsp. Almond Extract
1/4 tsp. Vanilla
4-5 cups Powder Sugar

Mix all but Sugar at low speed. Can add food coloring now if desired. Add sugar 1/2 cup at a time. Beat on low setting.
Will last several days is covered and refrigerated.

Yummy, perfect "shower" food....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest Creation

I have a new creation for my friends shower this weekend. It was so easy and CHEAP! They whole thing probably cost $3.
Here is what you will need:
cake circles (since they're white and come in different sizes)
3 cans
paper (to wrap around the cans)
Hot glue

All you do is cover the cans with paper and glue the ribbon on the sides. Then I glued the cake circles to the cans. Easy peezie!
Here is the final product!

Photo Shoot

A friend of mine is having a baby this month and wanted to have a few pictures taken. It was a rainy day but we managed to get some cute pictures.

Here are some of my favorites... Enjoy!

I loved the way the chalkboard pictures turned out!

Very sweet couple. I can't wait to meet baby Cooper!