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Saturday, June 30, 2012

HOT finds!

Yesterday here in Tennessee, we hit a record that we have never hit before. It was litteraly the hottest it as ever been in history! And gosh, was it HOT... and it is today as well!
I was on Pinterest and saw these... they made me laugh...

I did manage to get out in the heat to do some Thrifty shopping yesterday.
I went to an estate sale and a few thrift stores.

This was my first find.  I got this lamp for $5. You can see where the paint is chipping off,  I am working on getting all of the paint off, it is some kind of an old metal can. I cant wait to see what it is going to look like.

I got this pitcher for $1

some more mason jars...

brand new paper coasters in the holder for $1 for my sister.

$.50 each.

These are my estate sale finds. The sweet lady that passed away was actually a resident that lived at the Apartment Community I work for. She was a sweet heart, and I was sad to see her go.
It is always a little odd being at someones Estate Sale, especially if you knew them!

old measuring spoons $.25 plus a wine opener for $.25

This cutting board for $1.50. I thought about making it into a chalk board. Thoughts?

$.75 for all these sweet vintage ornaments.

I got this for my BIL, he collects old rackets.

And last but not least, This Tupperware cake holder (which I dont have one) for $5.

Yay for finding some cool stuff in all this HEAT!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the Last Few Days...

This past weekend was pretty busy. We had to catch up on some things and y'all know how it is getting back from vacation: unpacking, doing laundry, watering our poor flowers and going to the grocery store...
Plus I had to work this past weekend, but work was a lot of fun because we had a pool party on Saturday with door prizes, a DJ, dancing and good food.

Me and my coworker Sarah... it was fun but by the end it was so hot and we were sweating!!

this is sweet little Victoria. Her little bikini matched my dress... we became instant friends.

On Friday, I went to help a friend paint a box... HA!

I am sure y'all have seen on Pinterest, the chalkboard painted boxes for the gender reveal parties, where they open up the box and the blue or pink balloons fly out....
like this one...
This is our box for her "reveal"
This big heart on the side will say "its a.."

And this one will have a Bible verse on it... the other heart will say "boy? or girl?".
How fun is that?
Her party is supposed to be this Thursday... if baby cooperates!! HA...

This lantern was originally $20 (at TJ's) but the top handle was a little broken so they have it to me for $17. I LOVE it!

I found this when I was in Michael's, its a paint antiquing kit, has anyone ever used this? I think I may give it a try for my new rocker since it was on clearance for $5

I got this cute patriotic cupcake set for $1.
Plus, I got some american flags for my potted plants $.79 for each

I got 4 packs of cute tissues and 4 small note cards, all on clearance for $.40 each.

And then I got a "S" stamp, some "S" note cards and some other note cards for $.80 each.

Got these cute summertime napkins for $1.30

And probably one of my favorite things... A mason jar dispenser for $13 at World Market and the crate I got at Micheal's as well for $4. I am in LOVE!

I also scored this chalk board from Ace Hardware, it was $14 but I had a $5 bonus-reward gift card so I only paid $9 for it.

Plus, I paid $.30 today at the Thrift Store for a box of chalk. PERFECT timing!

Then, I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase at Jo-Ann. They had their 6' shepherds hooks 60% off $19.99, so they were $7.99 plus 20% off. So, I paid $6.40 for each... yippee!

Pretty good huh?
Its been a busy last few days for sure!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Beachin It

Who doesn't love a vacation at the beach? It is so relaxing! All 10 of us on my husbands side of the family headed down from Sunday until Thursday last week.
We went to Santa Rosa Beach off of 30-A. It is one of the beaches that is part of So-Wal, which is my favorite, I love them all!

This was our room... so cozy!

And this was my MIL and FIL's room.

Dining Room

The house. It had a big yard, volleyball court and a pool!

The interiors have been re-done (they need to update their pictures) but you can see more pictures of the house and the grounds here

This pretty much explains how I felt all week!

We always take pictures each year so I wanted to share a few...

Me and the Hubs

The whole fam... Caleb is the oldest of 5 siblings.

Then there are 2 siblings and Caleb's brothers girlfriend.

All the girls.... the 2 on the end are Caleb's sisters

All the boys, the one next to Caleb is his BIL.... HA... can't you tell??

I also read this book there in 1 day. If you haven't read it... you need to.

We have some great memories from our trip!
Thanks to my  MIL and FIL for taking all of us, we are all so blessed!

Only 6 Months Left!

While I am LOVING summertime, I can't help but to think that today is exactly 6 months until Christmas!
Christmas is my favorite holiday!

I can't wait!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dining Room Tour

Welcome to my dining room, one of my favorite rooms in the house.
It is a great size and I love the tall windows, hardwood floors, tall ceiling and the molding.
I did an update a few months ago, and these are the pictures I took then. I love my new lantern light I found on Overstock, it was my Birthday present.

My table and chairs are from Sams Club (Yup... SAMS!!) and my plate wall is a collection of plates I have found over the last several months.

As well as my new sideboard found at an antique store which matches my table perfectly!

Lantern and lamp from Kirklands.

This is my new centerpiece I made, 3 tall vases with jute tied around them with candles. LOVE!

Thanks for stopping by! Come again, ANYTIME!

head over to kellys korner to see more wonderful dining rooms!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday

Saturday was a successful day!!
Lots of goodies for less then $20!

This was my first find and probably my favorite, a wood Windsor rocking chair for $13. I will probably paint it... just have to decide, black or white?

I got this sign for $3.

These 2 small pots for $1 a piece

Votive candle set and a Yankee candle for $1.

a big mason jar and a small one...Free

And this pillow (which matches my other for $1!

Gotta love Yard Sale Saturdays! Who else got some good finds?