Sweet Tea and Southern Living

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Show Me the Green!

I might be in love... with Boxwood (and topiaries)... (and moss)...

Above my kitchen sink. Moss H I made and 2 topiaries both from Michaels, half off! The small one was $3 and the other was $6

Hobby Lobby topiaries I made... $8 each, all half off!

I have 2 of these, on my fireplace mantle. $10 at TJ Maxx. The lantern is also from TJ Maxx, I love lanterns also...another obsession

boxwood wreath I made from a swag from Hobby Lobby

Another $3 topiary from Michaels and a green moss ball on the bottom shelf ($3)

2 more on my dining room table. On clearance at Ace Hardware (love their house stuff!) $9 each

And one more from Michaels on my dresser in my bedroom

WHOA! I guess that it all of my moss/boxwood obsession... It just gives a room color and life, even if it is fake...ha. On a much needed note, typically I am very against faux plants... these (in my book) are the ONLY exceptions..ha!

History Being Made....

I am sure almost everyone knows about the terrible storms we had here on Wednesday. It was a very scary day for everyone in the south. We had terrible storms, hail and tornado's rip through Tennessee and Alabama. Hundreds of people were killed and even people were left with absolutely nothing. over 100,000 people without power, and about half of them still don't have power. It has been so wonderful to see our community pull together to donate their belongings, money and time to lend a hand. If you haven't already, please say a prayer for all of those who lost it all..... "I will praise you in this storm"

How terrifying does that look? wow....

On a happier note.... today was the Royal Wedding. What girl does not love a wedding? All I wanted to do was wear a big hat and sip tea all day. The wedding started about 4am our time. No, I did not wake up to watch it live. I might have a new best friend... DVR, what did I ever do without it?

Crazy hats!

Now that is the right idea. How cute is she?
It was a gorgeous wedding. I loved the lace on Kates dress and her veil, very timeless! She was beautiful, however, here flowers....were NOT! And did you see that church? Unbelievable! It was the perfect picture of royalty, tradition and elegance.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting My Craft On....

I have been getting my craft on this spring and I am going to share what I have been up to. Lots of small projects here and there, outdoor projects and of course, cleaning out my mothers home... whoa! Trust me people, its quite a job. More pictures of that to come later.
Here are some pretty bowls I painted that I am pretty much in love with... basically anything with polka dots.

Here is the before and after of my desk chair (that I never use) I got it thrifting at the best Goodwill I have ever been to in Spring Hill and finally got around to redoing it and it turned out great!

I also re-did my coffee table. I got it, in the Nashville flood last year... yes for real! It was painted a pale green. I painted it white and then stripped the top, not an easy task... it took days, and many dead brain cells, but it was worth it!

I also did a little swith-a-roo with our room and the guest bedroom. We used to have the blue bedding but I switched it with the guest bedroom for a change. I am loving it. I also sold the artwork above the guest room bed on Craigslist (my addiction), and put an open frame to hang different wreaths in. LOVE! I still need to work on this room and find some new lamps.

I had a garage sale a few weeks ago and considering I just had junk, I did pretty well. I made about $160 and then sold rocking chair I had for $35, and a few pieces of artwork for $70... so now I have play money.
I am also looking for a new rug for my living room but so far havent found the right one.... ok back to projects...

I stacked a bunch of dishes in my china cabinet in my kitchen. I am still trying to find the perfect piece but for now, this works. I mixed my antique Blue Deft dishes (steal of a deal, $60 at an antique place in the Boro, I was thrilled), some silver pieces (Thrift Store finds...) and white (can you tell I love white pitchers?).

Kitchen light before... yuck! Go away Twinkie light
And after... ahh much better! I always dreamed of a Chandelier in my kitchen. This one was brass, another Craigslist find. I sprayed it an antique white and found blue toile shades at Stein Mart shopping the day after Thanksgiving with my mother... they were purchased before I even had the Chandelier! ha
Another before and after. I bought the bronze H from one of my favorite places... Hobby Lobby. Half off. $5. I kept it that way for a while but then decided it did not really go too well with my decor so I gave it and makeover and aged it... now it is on my nightstand and looks fab!
Another fabulous find! I found the old window frame at a Yard Sale for $5. Yup, I will take it. I hung it in my living room and made the burlap wreath to put on it. It wasnt exactly what I was planning but I think it turned out cute. It will be perfect for the fall!

Another Hobby Lobby letter (one of those cheap wooden ones) half off of course. I covered it in moss and put it in my kitchen window. LOVE it, and it was super cheap! I also made some moss wreaths that turned out cute too... I guess I dont have a picture quite yet

I love ferns! Especially in a galvanized tin, on a Southern front porch, next to some white rocking chairs!

Spring is here! We got busy and put in a few new flower beds, stained both the front and the back deck and put mulch in all of the flower beds. And some cute, fun, spring kitchen towels. Its looking good!
I found this cute sign and had to get it. I hung it in my dining room above the window. I still have nothing on the walls in this room. I am having trouble finding things.... but I do like this a whole lot!

One more thing to share and then this will officially be the longest post ever! I told you I had a lot.... I had a baby shower at my house for my Husbands cousins wife. It was a lot of fun and everything turned out great. The colors were yellow and green and we had a lot of fun with it. I made the cupcakes and bought the yellow and white polka dot serving pieces, which I adore. We were able to use fresh forsythia and daffodils from my Mothers yard. They were perfect! I made the backdrop out of cardboard and wrapping paper to add some more color.

This is my dining room after the party.... I couldnt let the pretty flowers go to waste! The arrangement looked gorgeous. See, nothing on the walls.... hmm.... and my mother made my fantastic runner out of leftover fabric from my (Craigslist) chairs that I had recovered.... they even have cute buttons on the ends.

I am planning on doing a tour of my house and do before and after pictures from when we moved in this past summer, so that will probably be the next post. Yay!