Sweet Tea and Southern Living

Friday, August 31, 2012

Necklace Knock Off

Typically I am not that into big jewelry. I usually keep it pretty simple BUT....while browsing Pinterst, I found some fabulous jewelry. But I am way too cheap to buy the "real" ones... and this girl doesn't have a problem with knock off's!

Pinned Image
I love this statement piece from Anthropologie but the BEST price I could find was $30 plus shipping... uh no thanks....BUT then I found a tutorial on pinterest to make one here. I was almost done making it tonight but cant seem to get the small gold beads on the strand... DANG IT! Guess I gotta go get some bigger ones.
I hope to share a picture of mine when I am done... don't worry! HA!
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And I absolutely love the chic "bubble necklace" that is everywhere. I found on on Ebay for CHEAP! Of course it is shipping from China so I am hoping it will be here before Thanksgiving! HA... jk but  for real, I cant wait to get it! So many possibilities with this one and this color! I really like the ivory one and the yellow and coral one as well. It was hard for me to decide... who knows. I may have to order another!
Big, colorful neckalces... I never would have thought I would be into those... guess I was wrong!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Southern Lady

Meet my new sign:
Reads: A Southern Lady- Someone who.Has a pitcher of sweet tea at the ready, Guards her recipe for pimento cheese, Always writes a thank you Note, Has Monogrammed Guest Towels, Bakes Pies For her Neighbors, Knows Pearls Match Everything, Thinks smocked Dresses & Hair Bows are simply Darlin, Arranges Hydrangeas from her garden, Is Always Blessing' Someone's Heart.
Can I get an AMEN?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sick Day

Today I feel pretty yucky. My throat was hurting the night before last night and today I woke up all stuffy. Can we say sinus infection?? So its been a pretty low key kinda day. I did get a small burst of energy and got the bathrooms clean.
Then I made myself leave the house for a little bit but I didn't last long.
I decided to go thrifting and I was about to give up and at my LAST stop I came upon some goodies!
HUSH UP! Navy paisley pillows. $2 for the small rectangle one and $2.50 for the square ones... $7 for 3 pillows... heck yes!
Plus, they're down and the covers come off so I can wash them.

Then... I saw this bag for $13 with the TJ Maxx tag still on it! Score!
When I got home I had a surprise waiting on me...

My May book! I changed my design last minute to make it more fun... what do you think?

Look at my pillows on the couch!
And I can always use them on the bed later.
Now its time to rest up... I am so stuffy and have a sinus headache.... no fun! I am so glad I had the day off!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You Know What Saturday Means...


Today was somewhat successful, nothing too exciting but we had a good time! It was the perfect day for yard sales!

Big blue glass jar $2. How cute would this be at a beach house with a palm tree leaf in it? Not that I have a beach house...

small cracked pitcher that for some reason I fell in love with $.25

Small magnolia wreath $.50

random jars $1 each, plus I got 2 more sets of mason jar salt and pepper shakers $1 for the pair..... Hmmm what to do with those? HA!

My Sis got 16 mason jars with lids for $2! These will be perfect to use as drinking glasses for parties and such.

Did yall find anything exciting??

Friday, August 17, 2012

Phone Picture Dump

Time to dump all my phone pictures... HA!
This is what the past few days have looked like
I bought this pair of earrings, I thought 3 was a little much, so I took one off... much better right?
Don't you LOVE the color?

My Mom and I went walking for over an hour the other day downtown. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm afternoon!

And today for lunch, we had a surprise baby shower for a friend and coworker at one of our "sister properties"... the group picture didn't turn out unfortunately but here are a few pictures...

This is my cousin (well Calebs cousin) Holly, she works at my "sister property" down the road from us.

Here is the Mom-to-be all "surprised". Isnt she so cute?? They did not find out the gender, so we are all excited to find out next month!!

Here is the yummy Italian cream cake from Jackson's Bakery... YUMMY!!!

And this is my new co-worker Tiffany and I. Good times with some good folks!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Christmas Deals (Already!?)

Southern Country Cookbook (Southern Living)

I was thrifting the other day and stumbled on this cook book....Flash back to 1975!  But come on, it's Southern Living, how can I go wrong?
And for $1.50 I knew I could not pass it up. I came home and did some research here to find out that it is a pretty good one to have, plus it is worth a lot more then I paid for it! YAY!

Christmas With Victoria 2003
 I got for book for  $1.50 as well. Found it here too. I love the recipes, gift ideas and decorating ideas for Christmas!

(stock photo)
Don't tell the Mr. but they also had their Christmas decor half off, so I also came home with 2 large fluffy evergreen wreaths and 2 strands of garland all for $7. I could not help myself, yall know I am a sucker for all things Christmas!

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

I love changing out my wreaths on my front door, don't you?
I bought this cute white H today for my front door. I got it for $25 % off too... Ya' ll know this girl loves a deal!

Our small group girls got together the other night for craft night and I made a burlap ruffle wreath for about $7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes maam, thats all it cost.... and look how stinkin cute it is...

All you need are 2 simple things:

Burlap: I got 2 (10 yard) rolls of this stuff and used quite a bit, about 18 yards. (about 12-18 yards depending on the size of your wreath)

and a WIRE wreath form. (I got mine from a yard sale for FREE, but they re super cheap at any craft store)
 Thats all you need! NO glue or anything!

All you do is: hold the burlap behind the wire wreath and pull it through the front, then pull another section through the middle and another through the top. It only takes a few minutes to do the whole wreath! PLUS no messy glue.
Then you can either hang it from some fun ribbon and change it out seasonally or add your initial or a pumpkin for fall etc.
I think it is my favorite wreath I have ever made! I found it on Pinterest here

On another note... I got my hair did today....
check it....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What $1 Can Buy

That's right folks. I stopped by a yard sale on my way to work this morning and I got all of this JUNK... for $1!!!!
Check it...
I got 2 of these

1 large jar.

Pinned Image
I am thinking something like this??

2 black pots... Halloween maybe?

1- Pepper shaker

Old Milk Jar

Not too bad huh? Happy yard sale hunting!

Check out more thrifty-goodness here

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Online Shopping

I went to a 31 Party a few days back and I decided that since I didn't buy anything, that I would reward myself by purchasing some less expensive items I have been wanting. HA....
So, I hoped on Etsy to look at vinyl.
 I did not even know they had something like this, but I think it is GENIUS, a monogram that looks like etched glass for $4, I could not pass up for my jewelry box.

Then, I got this on for $8 to put on my drink tub!

Spirited Art
I also bought a deal on Living Social that I cant wait to use. Its a BYOB Art Class, and I got is for $17 instead of $35. My mom, sister and I bought them so hopefully we can have a girls night, I have always wanted to go... it looks like so much fun!
Then, I also purchased a "back to school Groupon deal" from May Books. You have to check out what they have, they have planners, diaries, meal planners etc.... I cant wait to get my new planner! But I cant make up my mind...

This one....

or this one?

Sunday, I spent part of the day relaxing at the lake... sitting on the dock of the bay.... ah....

I spotted this cute set at the Thrift Store the other day for $50. I really loved it but have no where for it.... oh well!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Praying It Don't Rain!

Saturday, one of my good friends got married outside in a rustic barn, High Point Farms- you can visit there website here for more pictures and to hear more about it. I really loved the venue, it was picture perfect!

I told my friend that I would help out at the wedding and the entire time I was praying for NO rain during the ceremony. And it didn't rain during the ceremony, PTL! BUT, it did rain before the wedding, so we lost a little bit of time decorating and we were running behind, to the point that when guests were arriving, we were still setting up the ceremony site in out tshirts! Luckily, it all came together, after MUCH running around and stress! HA... I did not sit, eat or potty the entire day.. FOR REAL.
I must say, that I have a lot to add to my resume: Cake decorator, coordinator, director, server, florist, decorator etc...
This is the old farmhouse on the property, it has been there since the Civil War. So neat!

Part of the barn (the addition)

Wedding program that I made

Burlap isle runner with shepherds hooks and hydrangeas over looking the field

LOVE these flowers!


We even hung lanterns in the trees under where the Bride and Groom said I DO

2 pews on each side of the isle.

Gods Knot

another entrance to barn with a sign that says "Dinner and Dancing"

beautiful field...

centerpieces. Log rounds with mason jars and lanterns

bride and grooms table

Grooms cake

Brides cake on a log round the Brides Dad made

Brides grandmothers goblets

cake table

lanterns and barrel

neat wagon wheel lighting

Gift Table outside the barn

more barn doors and hayloft.

wedding fans

Family picture table.

signing wedding license

Bible the ring bearer held.

cake toppers.

The Bride and her Groom.

Bridesmaids flowers.

first dance

flower girl playing corn hole.

Thumbprint Guest book

The barn all lit up

the dance floor at night

beautiful lights in the trees

getting ready for the sparkler send-off!
What a perfect day... cool with NO RAIN for the entire wedding start to finish! Thank you Lord!

 Although, you better believe, I was a sweaty mess by the end of it!