Sweet Tea and Southern Living

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


FYI... this post might be a tad bit on the long side.
My sister got married this past weekend and we have been very busy. I also have her Bachelorette Shower at my house, here are a few pictures...
We had a taco bar, so it was easy for all the Bridesmaids to bring a few toppings. YUM!

I made "Margarita" cupcakes! They were yummy and so cute

I also took her engagement photos at the wedding venue, an old mansion in Georgia. Its the perfect wedding venue and everyone there was so wonderful and helpful! This is just a peak, I took 400 pictures. yikes!

Yes... a lot of pictures. Trust me, there is a lot more... so if you ever need a photographer... CALL ME! HA.  I just couldnt help myself. I love all of them. I love her dress, the shoes... love it!

Wedding day post to come soon!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Thrifty Finds

Even though this past weekend was a crazy one with my sisters wedding, I managed to find a few things this past week.

I found this little beauty at a store here in town for $22. Not too bad considering it was exactly what I was needing and fit perfectly.

I found this on Craigslist for $7. I plan on repainting it and possibly trying to sell it.

And last but not least...when I was looking at the table from Craigslist, I saw that she had 3 of these chairs. I asked her how much for one... got it for $7 also. I thought it would be the perfect desk chair once its redone (not that I need one...) HA. Might try to fix this up too and sell it. Who knows!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! The pools are open and its officially summer time in the South!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Songs I Am Diggin' Right Now

This is my official song for summer time! Gosh I love it, it makes me wanna go to the beach so bad.
"Wishing I was knee deep in the water somewhere
Got the blue sky breeze and it don't seem fair.Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair. Sunrise there's a fire in the sky. Never been so happy .Never felt so high. And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise"
Here is another song I have been diggin lately. Its so catchy!

Another fav. She has talent!

This is my workout jam!

And I must say that I have purchased both Colbie Calliat and Sara Bareilles CD's and there is not a bad song on either one of their albums. LOVE them both!

PS- Totally unrelated, I got a chair and a small round end table yesterday from Craigslist for $15. SCORE. Pictures to come soon!

I have a lot of projects to do for my sisters wedding this weekend and I cant wait to share. Most of then are very budget friendly too.

Oh, and the Bachelorette was pretty good. I cant get over how different Ashley looks. We will see how this season goes. Drama I am sure. So far I really like William, Ryan and Bentley (mostly because he is super cute but he looks like trouble). And poor West, with his wife dying, broke my heart.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I just went to the store and I must say that it is not my favorite thing to do. But I do love a nice stocked kitchen. I made a big salad to take to work for the week. I am loving the summer produce, so yummy.

I also cut up strawberries and bluberries and ate them for dinner. They were so good and so colorful. It is one of my favorite summer time snacks, and watermelon of course. It makes me feel so patriotic! HA!

Publix had Mayfield ice cream on sale. The Mr. loves their Cookies and Cream. I just had to get me some of this chocolate goodness.... Oh my gosh, if you have not tried it, RUN to the store. Its delish!

On another note, I got my new and improved chair back yesterday. I was so excited and I think it turned out great. We put it in our bedroom and did some rearranging of furnitre last night.
Is it not wonderful? Love it and it is so comfy!
I also changed my flag outside. I bought this flag probably 2 years ago and never had a flagpole to put it on. My poor American Flag had a rip in it, so it had to come down. I have to get one before July 4. This one works for now and I really like it.

I bought this today for $6. I am a big fan of any galvanized containers. I figured it would be great for flowers or even a wine cooler. I have wanted one for a while.

I bought a can of cream spray paint and I just got done spraying all these frames. I have a ton of black frames so I figured I would paint them and distress them while using my new frames as inspiration. We will see how they turn out!

I am a huge fan of antiques and I especially love a good antique sign. Here are a few of mine that I have found here and there.

This one is in my Dining Room. It says Antiques.
Found this one last summer for $2 at "The Worlds Longest Yardsale" I just had to have it.

This one I ordered from Ebay. Its not Antique but I love the look of it and the colors. It hangs above my kitchen sink window.

Oh, and BTW, tomorrow starts The Bachelorette! YESSSSS!
We will see how she does!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I got some mixed reviews on my new hutch. But I gotta tell ya... 1st, it looks better in person and 2nd I am kinda diggin it. I can not wait to put it in my new and improved (Hunter) Room!

Also, I got a call today saying my chair was done! I cant wait to go get it, hopefully tomorrow!

Guess what I spent my last day not working (yesterday) doing?
Shopping and laying out at the lake!
It was the perfect day for the lake. I got a ton of sun and I even caught a fish. No I did not touch it...

Here are a few of my wonderful finds from yesterday 
I have had my eye on this  lantern (TJ's) for a while. Just my style.... I finally just broke down and bought it. And after paging through the last Pottery Barn Magazine, you can never really have to many of these suckers

I found the lantern and then I saw these picture frames... uh yes please. I will take 2. So cheap and the perfect colors.
I saw this at my sister in laws house the other day and knew I had to get one. She got it at Cracker Barrel and it was 50% off. Its small but it will be perfect on a side table or bookshelf. Don't you just love it?
I think this is adorable! Target $30. Not too shabby. I love the nautical stripes with the pop of a red flower.
This was a gift. Did I mention I love gifts? I love both giving and receiving them.... I was so glad when I pulled out this lavender candle from my mother in law. YUM, what a great soothing smell!

My sister is getting married a week from tomorrow. Its gonna be nuts around these parts with my new job, the family coming it and finalizing all the wedding prep.. did I mention I have to loose 15 pounds in a week? ha... yea.... I have a lot of projects that I am in charge of and I cant wait to share them. And I cant wait to share her bridal portraits. They look amazing, if I do say so myself! ha