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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kitchen Island Shopping

I have been looking for a "kitchen island" for my kitchen for a LONG time now. I put this in quotes because I am not looking for a typical island, I want something more versatile, preferably a furniture piece. But with the tight space, it is hard to find something I like that is
a.) close to counter height
b.) less then 21" deep
c.) less then 50" wide

However.... THIS piece met all of the requirements. And the sweet lady at the store is "lending" it to me until Monday. What are your thoughts?
At first I was ok with the green/gray color but now that it is in my kitchen and feels a tad heavy, I am thinking I am going to have to paint it a creamy white to go with the rest of my furniture as well as the kitchen table.

Here she is in my kitchen. Excuse the mess and the poor picture quality.

Here is the side view. Its a pretty good fit I think... I need YOUR thoughts before MONDAY!!! HELP!!!

And.... I bought that pretty blue pot on the right at Ross for $4.99.... isn't is pretty? Too bad I broke the little one in the store or I would have bought it too!!!! Oops!

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Front Door

In 3..... 2......1
TA-DA!! What do you think??
Yes, the mums are still blooming... they'll get there! And I had to DIG for those pumpkins! I wanted some that looked similar and it wasnt easy but they were only $4 each at Wal-Mart. The Mums were $5 a piece at Lowes and the corn was also at Lowes for $10... uh yea..
It is hard to tell here but this is the fern that was on the front porch... look how massive and beautiful it is!!!
And moving forward....

Check out these Pottery Barn pillow covers (retail there for $40) I got for only $7.99 at Southeastern Salvage!!! How do they do it??

Look how perfect they are with the paisley!!
Whatcha think?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Saturday Findings

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day for Yard Sales.
The only thing is, there wasn't that many out there... SHOOT!!!
Either way.... we had a good time!
I spotted these old metal license plates and thought they were neat, especially the old TN ones but I could not think of anything creative to do with them.

I bought these 2 white pitchers for $1 a piece. The larger one is from Target. Aren't they cute?

And I got this lil winter tin for $.50

And this container for $.25. PLUS, it has a Hobby Lobby tag on the bottom for $8.
That's all Folks... all $2.75 worth!

Friday, September 21, 2012

One More Day!!

The first official day of FALL is TOMORROW!!!!
This is my front door inspiration. (Pinterest)here
I bought all the "stuff" today and am planning on putting it all together tomorrow after I get back from Yard Sales!!
Who would have thought that DEAD CORN would be so expensive... yes... $10 a bushel... WHAT??
I am wanting to decorate my mantle as well...
here are some ideas I found on Pinterest.

Pinned Image
I cant wait to finish decorating!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Almost Boot Weather!

I hate to see summer go, but I love the changing of the seasons!
Fall is time for... well pretty much all the stuff on the signs below.. HA!
PLUS football, sweaters, boots, bonfires, changing colors etc....

I do want a cute fall sign and I really like the words on it but wasn't crazy about the size or the look of it ($15)in general...

But I like the look of this one SO much better. I am still thinking about it.. now I am kicking myself for not buying it for $13.

I also went to a few of my favorite thrift stores and came home with a few items...

This pine cone small wreath for $1.50. I thought it would be cute for fall/winter hanging with a burlap ribbon.

I didn't come home with this, (although I wanted to) D&B bag almost NEW but they wanted $100 for it.

I got another blue and white plate for $1 and even got a plate holder for $1.

Last night was my high school homecoming game. I really only went because my family would be there and we don't have a lot of time left til my brother leaves again on Monday.

(Please excuse the awful picture) I wanted to show off that I WORE MY NEW NECKLACE!!!! Gosh I LOVE it... paired it with a denim dress I got at Old Navy and cowgirl boots!

The fam is coming over tonight to watch the VOLS beat the Gators and I am making salad and the pioneer lady's lasagna... yummy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is Fast Approaching!

Its almost fall time officially. The weather is so much cooler, I purchased some fall candles and a cinnamon broom and I am holding out a few more days til I put my fall decor out and my new burlap wreath on my front door!
My hair dryer decided to die on me so I headed to TJ's to get a new one. I also purchased $100 worth of new work-out clothes, I am joining a gym tomorrow... this girl needs to loose a few pounds, wait... a LOT of pounds. HA!
I spotted this cute fall sign while I was there, I am contemplating going back to get it. I loved it.

And then I saw this one,  don't you love this sign?
Its almost time for long sleeves, jackets,tights, pants, scarfs and boots!
I picked up this cute polka dot sweater from Old Navy along with a denim dress, a coral and gray striped skirt and some pants.
Speaking of pants....

I ALMOST bought some coral skinny jeans but I just couldn't commit. They are so cute on some people, I just don't know if they would be on me!! HA!! What do yall think?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Proud Sister of a MARINE!

So we spent all last week at the beach. And can I just tell you how perfect it was? Well.. except for the fact that someone got bit by a shark down the beach from us (he was fine, just a big gash)... and a few people drown. How awful is that? Pray for their families. I also heard that a Marine who had just graduated drown the same day in the ocean. So send up some prayers for his family! WOW!
Praise God for keeping us all safe...on a happier note...
Here are all the guys snoozin on the beach. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were pretty crowded due to the long weekend. But from then on there was NO ONE, other then little ones and old people and us! HA

cheesin at the beach.

Me and the Mr. soaking up the perfect weather. Mid 80's and sun ALL week!
Friday, we got up at 4:30 am to head about an hour away to see the Bub graduate.

Here is some of the crew watching them put up the flag.

And this is after he graduated!!!!!! YAY!

All the girls

little Bro is a man now!

Me and my Marine

The whole crew at lunch after graduation.

Some of Joeys Highschool buds.
And today, in his Dress Blues, quite handsome I must say!
He has changed a little bit and has some interesting stories and he finished most everything 1st in hie Platoon.....I am so proud of him!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Week

Quick update on the week so far:
First of all, I must confess, since I am on vacation, I have spent a good amount of time on Pinterest. And when I saw this...
It cracked me up! How funny and true is this?
On another Pinterest note: Before we left, I was able to start my Pinterest project...

looks pretty good right?

Here is my view this week...

Not too shabby eh? The weather is PERFECT, breezy and in the high 80's, what could be better? Although it is a little weird watching football at night after a day at the beach...HA!
But the real reason we are here is because my lil Bub is GRADUATING from boot camp on Friday, how awesome is that?
We cant wait to see him, it has been 13 LONG weeks!
I am a PROUD big sis!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Friends... this is a beautiful picture!! This weekend is kind of the kick-off for all things fall including football. Our boys pulled off a win last night and I am so proud! It is officially football time in Tennessee!
And I must say I will be celebrating this long weekend beach side.... (yes, again)....
South Carolina State Flag
Bring on the palm trees and the sunshine!
File:Harbour Town July 2007.jpg
 And cue James Taylor.. "In my mind I'm going to Carolina. Cant you see the sunshine?"
It's September......Happy Labor Day weekend!