Sweet Tea and Southern Living

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Last week has been a little hectic. I  had a pretty nasty cold since last Saturday and that has certainly not helped me sleep well at night. Speaking of change, last Monday morning I found out that my doctor had been laid off. I have an appointment this past Tuesday and luckily all went well. I did go to the high risk consultant and was relieved to find out that everything looked great. 2 weeks ago when we saw them, baby girl was a little low on fluid and it kinds freaked me out. So they did a follow up visit, I didn't know if I would end up in bed rest or in the hospital but praise God for a good report! 
This whole baby thing is really starting to feel real. I am still in shock daily that there's two! But now that I can feel them kicking and we are planning showers, registering, getting their room together and buying things for them it is all becoming a reality and they will be here so soon! I have a lot to do!

My sister spotted this dresser at a store after I had been searching all day for a piece of furniture to use as a changing table, I see lots of "changing" happening in my near future. Ha! They were asking $125, but I got it for $100. I am hoping it will work, if not i can definitely put it to good use somewhere else. 

After my appointment, I was cleaning the floor and  opened the front door to find a big box sitting outside. I was screaming ( in my very horse, pitiful voice) and scared the heck out of my husband. Ha. It was one of our cribs! 


Here it is. All set up and ready for a little one, the other crib should be here soon! The room is starting to "change"! 
(I am gonna have to spray paint those ugly gold wheels!!)

And one more small change i made recently.....Here's my newly decorated front door with the moss H I made. I'm loving the look!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Baby

Can y'all believe its mid February!? Because I sure can't, this pregnancy is flying by!
My husband is starting to get worried because we really don't have much for these little babinos. 

I did manage to find these sweet canvas storage totes at Tj's the other day. The match the nursery quite nicely ( or what it will look like), so I got all 3. 
I also got 2 of these sweet bunnies from Pier , 2 different sizes to sit on a shelf together.

And.... Today, my MIL booked a date for my family baby shower and I ordered our cribs!!  I ended up getting them on Amazon with free shipping and no tax.. I'll take it! So excited! That room is gonna start filling up fast. I am going "changing table" shopping tomorrow. Hopefully I can find one! 

Yesterday was valentines day, I am sure you all noticed men everywhere frantically shopping for cards, flowers and chocolate... HA!

My sweet dad came by my office and dropped of these goodies how sweet is that? Totally made my day. 

I also went to my first kid consignment sale. Don't get too excited. I actually walked out empty handed. The line was so long and I only found a handful of clothes so it wasn't really worth it to stand  in line. 

Then, I came home to my sweet valentine of 12 years and he had bought me some more flowers. 

Hydrangeas. My favorite. Love them! 
We celebrated by going out to eat on Tuesday night... Bonefish of course (one of my favorites!) It was a pretty good day!
Still trying to finish up my registry, talk about overwhelming! Sheesh... who knew...??
Happy Weekend!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baby News

Last week one of my dear friends had her little girl! I was so thrilled to meet her. This is Snow. She is so sweet and so cute.... and look at all that hair!
Aww, I love holding babies!

Also this week, my wonderful Husband got my flowers just because. I know everyone says this, but I really do have the best Husband ever!
I went to see the High- Risk Doc. on Thursday. Everything looked great except little brother (baby A) seems to be taking up a lot of room in there and has more fluid then she does). He weighs 1.2 pounds and she is 15 oz. 8' long, I still cant believe how big they are!
He told me not to be too alarmed but to relax and DRINK DRINK DRINK. I got back in 2 weeks. So please pray everything is great!

See how squished she looks? Poor little baby girl, her brother needs to share! HA!
And, for the record, I don't like to post a whole lot of "belly pictures" but today is the first day I really thought, Wow I look preggers, not fat! HA!

So here they are from the outside (please ignore the toilet, at least I put the seat down! HA!)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Girls Trip!

Part of my Christmas present from my parents was a girls weekend trip to Asheville NC to tour the Biltmore house. So we planned it out and went this past Friday and Saturday. And MAN was it cold! It even got in the teens, and only up to like 30 degrees! We left at 6am on Friday on the 4 hour trip, and made it safely (after traveling some icy roads) to Asheville.The babies first trip to NC!
Here is the house (I am sure you have seen pictures of it at least) it is incredible! I studied it in Design School and was amazed by it then, even more amazing to see it in person!
I mean look at this place! Can you even imagine? Plus it had an indoor heated pool and bowling alley! WOW! Mind blown!
These are the pictures from my phone (we took a lot more)
We even got to eat in a restaurant that used to be the old stable. So neat! We went on a wine tour as well and saw some of the gardens, we spent the whole day exploring!
After waking up at 5am and not sleeping well, I was very sleepy! We at a quick dinner at Zoe's and went to bed.
We got up, had a big breakfast and headed out to explore downtown Asheville. My very best friend now lives in NC and she was able to come and spend the day with us!
We went to some stores and Farmers Markets (saw lots of hippies! HA!)
And then we went to this hotel Grove Park Inn... neat place!
like I said, COLD!
Me, (21.5 weeks) the babies and their Aunts
Then we had lunch at The tupelo honey cafe (very yummy!) Then we had to leave because it was starting to get cold again and threatening snow... but we made it over the mountain with no trouble so we decided to hit the outlets in Gatlinburg and Old Time Pottery. I only came out with a $15 navy cardigan sweater, but still a lot of fun! FREEZING but fun!
Some random other goodies I got...
My aunt sent me a Kohl's gift card for my Birthday, so I picked up this fun polka dot scarf the other day!
And my monogram necklace I ordered with my Birthday money! So excited to wear it!
Off to a Super Bowl Party... who's it gonna be?