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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump Day is Here!

I got a new wreath a few weeks ago, its feathers and so much fun! Its small, I think it was $6 at Michaels. I got it to go in the picture frame above my guest bedroom. I can't wait to hang it up and see how it looks

I love this moss wreath on the old window pane hanging in the living room.

I got another star! I love the way 2 of them look together. Its in the hallway near by kitchen right next to my powder bathroom. (On a side note, I am not quite sure why my wall color looks all crazy...)

I am so excited and proud of myself! Apparently I can grow SOME green stuff! HA...

My fern next to my door is SO big... hard to tell here but it is taking over the front porch, which is OK with me!

Can you see how big it is? And don't you love my forsythia wreath? I am not a fan of my front door... I really would love a new one!

Fern number 2 on my front porch between my 2 rocking chairs. I love it and the lantern below it!

My summer garden flag... so colorful and fun!

I love lambs ear, even though it gets a little crazy! It has grown so well. I got it from my Mommas yard and was not sure how it would do but here it is... lookin good!

YAY! My Hosta, also transplanted from my Mommas yard are doing great!

I love this... afternoon summer sun on the front porch.

Happy Hump day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shop Til Ya Drop.....

I have been at it again. I just can't help myself sometimes.

I must tell you, first of all, the pictures on this post are not great, I was snapping pictures in terrible lighting and trying to get it done quickly, so for that I do apologize.

A friend of mine and I took a trip a few miles up the road to go to Trees and Trends. It was a little bit of a bust. I found a lot of things I liked but I felt like their prices were pretty high and of course nothing I liked was on sale or had a coupon. We also stopped at the Goodwill up there and it was also a bust... DANG IT! I did get this one ball....
It's a good gray color and not a bad price at $5.

I used a coupon at Jo-Ann and got this lil beauty....
It was not cheap $15. I really wanted 2 of them but only had one 40% off coupon. I think one on top of each other would look good, so I may have to go back and get another one.

I then went to Michaels and got a few more goodies....
Aren't these cute and summery? $1 for a pack of them

I got this lil bird house for $1. I thought it would be cute painted and put on top of a few books on my newly decorated shelves.

I got another moss ball. It was on sale for $3.50. I just love a green moss ball to add color.

Then, I spotted these, also on sale for $3.50. They are so cute, I had to get them.

I started on my bookshelves, but did not get too far along, it's quite a mess at the moment.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Only 6 Months Left

We are half way there people. Christmas time is right around the corner. I have even seen Christmas stuff out in the stores. And, no I am not wishing the summer time away... I just LOVE Christmas.

First Christmas in our new home...
My snow covered home on Christmas morning 2010

I LOVE it all... the smells, the shopping, the gifts, the giving, the decorating, the music... ahhhhh!!!!

Catching Up....

I have a lot of projects I am trying to get done and between work, friends, family and the Hubster it has been a little hard to get them all done. I cleaned my bathrooms tonight and started on a few projects.

Guess what I found for my kitchen sink? I am THRILLED!
I love him. Its from Target, $13. They also have a green one and a milk glass one (which I debated back and fourth on which on to get) I got the blue one and I love it!

I decided to paint some old lamps that I have had forever.... here they are before...

This one really needed an update. I am on the prowl for a new lamp shade too...

Not too bad but needs a new life!

Isn't that much better?

So Shabby Chic. (I probably wont keep the ribbon on there.. just snapped a quick picture)

I also painted and distressed a lot of my frames. I have a million black ones so I figured I would paint some and then mix them in with the black ones. I think they turned out pretty good!

Here is what I did with my new FREE canister. I put it in my sailboat bathroom upstairs. It could use a tad more sand... I will make sure to get some on my next beach trip.

 Oh, and for the record, twine is one of my obsessions

More twine... I am loving this idea I found the other day, I ripped off some old book covers and tied them with twine for my new and improved bookshelves (still working on those...)

I got this charm and pearl a few months ago and really like it. I really want to wear it on a necklace though, so I am in the process of looking for a chain for it. I cant wait to wear it!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Front Door

 I saw this picture on this blog,
and I fell in love.
I love the crisp white with the gray door and black lanterns. I love the topiaries and the windflowers. So much character. I just love love love it.... can I say the word love one more time??? HA!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Back!

We took a trip to the beach for a few days with my husbands family and we just got home. The weather could not have been any better, it was 90 and sunny every day. It was so much fun and so nice to get away for a few days with the family. Luckily it rained here at home, we really needed it! My new flower bed is really looking nice and it was watered when we were gone, even better!

Anyways, here is my new magazine holder....
I really like the way it turned out... don't you?

I got this cake plate for FREE! yipee!!

And this canister was free too! Can't beat that!

This was my "Beach Book". I am not much of a reader unless I have a lot of time on my hands and can finish it pretty quickly. The beach is perfect for that, so this is what I read. Kevin Leman is a wonderful Author and speaker (we saw him speak at our church last year). It talks a lot about your birth order and how to make it work best for you. He also has books on relationships, I read "How to Have a New Husband by Friday" and really enjoyed that one too. He is definitely worth checking out!

And here we are our last night on the beach! I love this picture. What a beautiful back drop. Thank you Lord!

I am off to finish unpacking. My project this week is to work on my bonus room bookshelves and guest room end tables, they need a little TLC. I will share pictures soon. I can't wait to use all my new stuff!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

( I ) Love Birds

I took a trip to Nashville to visit 2 of my good friends. It was a short trip but it was so much fun and I got a few goodies!

I got this tin "planter" from Hobby Lobby half off, it was $17. I think it is perfect for holding magazines. It has great coloring and character. I need to go try it out...

I got this lil guy from Old Time Pottery in the Boro. Isn't he perfect? Fat, blue, brown and crackled... perfect, and only $4.

I also went to a new store in the Boro called Harmony Home. http://www.shopmainstreets.com/tn/murfreesboro/harmony_home/harmony_home.html
It was such a cute, fun store and I got a lot of little accessories. The Manager was so sweet and she told me they also have a store in Franklin. So, if you are ever nearby please stop by. You wont be disappointed..

Isn't this little baby topiary cute? Hes definitely a baby but I love topiaries and he is perfect for a small splash of green on a bookshelf or bedside table.

OMG! A moss bird... yes please. I love him.

And... one more... HA! He has great color. Again.. fat, aqua and crackled.

What am I gonna do with all of these birds? HA... I will find a place.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Stuff and Need for Some Feedback....

I got this adorable summery embroidered khaki and orange paisley skirt at Forever 21 (We have a new store here, its VERY overwhelming for me...) for $15. Its really cute and can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

Can I mention that this is probably the prettiest weed I have ever seen? I love the way it looks like lace and you can't ask for a better price... FREE.

Really, any wildflowers are good for me. And so Southern in a galvanized tin or a mason jar....

I got this basket to hold all my bedside stuff in (basically to hide the junk). The size is perfect but I really wanted a thicker weave, and it wasn't cheap! What do you think?

I got these summery note cards for $1. I am in love with the $1 section pretty much anywhere but Michael's always has cute stuff! You need to check it out for sure, aren't they so summery and wonderful?

 I bought these chairs 7 (sheesh.. has it been that long?) years ago when I was moving away to go to college. I used them in my living room for years and now they are in my bonus room with a dresser and a lamp between. I am just ready for a new look for them.

They're great chairs and I would LOVE to one day use them at a table somewhere...like this... and I could even mix it with different chairs and a bench if I wanted to. Or use them in a bedroom or anywhere really...

But the question is, whether to paint them cream, white or a grayish color....I really want them to have a new clean look but I just cant make up my mind. What do you think?