Sweet Tea and Southern Living

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Our small group hosted a party last week for our dear friend who just graduated from hair school. She knew all about the party but we wanted it to be a bigger deal then she originally thought! It turned out so great. We wanted to have the party outside at my SIL house but the weather was forecasting rain. So we held out and decorated inside at first but luckily it didn't rain and we were able to move everything outside!

We made yummy fruit skewers and also had chicken skewers, mac and cheese and lil cheesecakes we saw on Pinterest (of course)

We decorated with lanterns,

fun green, white and blue tissue balls...

 as well as blue mason jars with candles on the tables.

We got paper from hobby lobby and hung the little flag banners with twine for more decor. We had a green zebra pattern and a paisley like pattern (See below)

can with paper wrapped around it for the forks

these were the plates... so fun!

and we used our cute dispensers with the paper and twine for labels.

this was my favorite. Mason jars for the drinks with twine and paper to write your name on!

We even closed the night with a fire outside. It was so much fun and such a cute party!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Long Hot Summer!

Can I just tell you how happy it makes me that the weather has been so SUMMER like? I am totally loving my sunroof right now and all of the beautiful spring blooms! I still cant believe that we have people SWIMMING in our pool at work! WOW!
This weather has got me dreaming of the beach.... and I can not wait. I am so excited to be going to the beach on Spring Break this year! It has been years since I have gone for Spring Break, I feel like I am in High School again! I am beyond thrilled and cant wait to plan all my beach vacations for summer... yall know me and that I go to the beach at least 3 times... yea, I know, its a rough life!

My church is doing a series right now on 1 month to live... I have decided that if I have one more month to live, I would bring all my family to the beach and we would spend time together (and I would eat whatever I wanted too... HA!)
On another note, yesterday was St. Pattys day and I think I was the only person in the world not wearing green. I tried, apparently I do not own anything green.... at least that is what I thought until today and I found 1 green shirt... ha oops!

My sis and I had a slumber party on Friday night and we sat on the couch and watched girly TV "Say yes to the Dress" and some HGTV shows. It was so nice to relax!

My Mom and I watched the Bachelor the other day.... ugh.... not a good choice!
This cracks me up and is SO true. Come on Ben, do something with that hair!

That is all Folks. Have a great week!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward

It was a beautiful weekend. And I STARTED transforming my house into spring!
Even though the boxwood wreath is hanging on the back door with a hook, I made it look like it is hanging by the burlap ribbon. (Tricked ya... HA!) Who does'nt love burlap and boxwood?

I also hung my moss wreath with the ribbon and a safety pin on my old window.

See.... LOVE it! Boss and burlap is my second favorite! HA

I put out my new cute little bunny towel and my new Easter egg napkins. Crazy Easter is only a month away!

I bought all of these sweet bunnies from Pier 1. Can't decide which ones to keep.... hmm...

My sis and I had another little craft day yesterday at her house....

We got an old vase $2 worth of egg ornaments from the Dollar Store and sticks from the back yard and there you have it....

Then we made the bunny topiaries. All we did was buy the bunny on the stick from Pier 1, put it in a  pot and we got rocks and moss from the back yard. Cute and cheap. That is how we roll!

How was your weekend? It sure did fly by, especially after loosing an hour with the time change. It really screwed me up last night, I could not go to bed and this morning it was so dark when I woke up. BUT, I do love that it stays light out longer. I am so excited!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Addition!

I have to share my proud new addition... to the kitchen! HA
I finally have a working microwave above the stove. It has been almost a year that I have been using a borrowed microwave hidden away in the armoire in the living room! Ghetto I know, I just didn't want to have it sitting on the counter since I have no counter stop space as it is. But this past Saturday, a friend of mine came to put it in for me! YAY!

I went into our massive Forever 21 store the other day. That store is a tad overwhelming to me and sometimes they have some off-the-wall kind of stuff but a lot of the time, they have some really cute and cheap accessories!

These nautical earrings were the last pair they had and I fell in love with them, especially for $1.50

These I really liked too for $4.

My sis and I did some thrifting the other day! I have really been missing going lately...

 I got this navy with green polka-dot tie for the Mr. for $2.50. My Sis got a Dooney and Burke belt for $2!

I went to 3 Thrift stores today and came out with this yarn wreath for $.99. Someone put a lot of work into that! HA! I really like the way they did the rosettes even though I am not crazy about the colors.

I bought a new house for my Peace Lily. I hope the pot is big enough. I fell in love with the white crackle finish (from TJ's)
Here is the new lamp on the table, I thought it might be a little small... thoughts?

and somehow I need a solution to this issue too... I have to run an extension cord all they way to beside the fireplace. Looks lovely doesn't it? Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stormy Weekend

Friday we had some really bad storms here in the Noog'. It was very scary pretty much all day. I keep wondering how I ended
up in tornado alley. None the less, a tornado hit about a mile away from our house. Luckily, no one was killed here but the damage was pretty bad. So please keep our town in your prayers as we clean up all this mess and help the community rebuild.
Luckily, our home was not damaged that badly but we did have some hail damage to one side of our house, our roof and my poor sisters car that was sitting outside.
We had tickets to the Brady Paisley/ The Band Perry/ Scotty McCreery concert in Knoxville for that night and we decided that even though the weather was bad, we would go.

We stopped to kill some time shopping at Turkey Creek and also ate dinner at 5 Guys. Best burgers ever!

We went to Marshalls and I picked up a new lamp for in between my 2 chairs. I had been having a hard time finding one that I liked that wasn't $60. I think this one works pretty nicely and $30 was not a bad price. I really like the linen shade!

Here we are.... riding out the storms enjoying some good ole country music. I almost wore my cowboy boots, but I am glad I didn't because I am pretty sure every girl there had on a dress and boots!

Here is Brad jamin' away on the guitar (yes, we were in the nose bleed section! HA). He put on a great show and even sang Whiskey Lullaby with the girl from the Band Perry and Carrie Underwood sang "Remind Me" with him. The whole place went NUTS! It was a lot of fun and luckily, we did not have to take cover....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Goodies!

It is so much fun to go shopping in this beautiful spring like weather! Who doesn't love to get new things? 
I am so excited about my new pot! I had a gift card and a coupon at BB&B and so I got this puppy for free, HA well kinda (It was originally $80, plus 20% off plus a $60 gift card) YAY! I also got some new cooking spoons and spatulas and also a new cupcake pan (since mine was dumb and only had spots for 6 at a time)

Here is my cute new spring bunny towel. It was funny because my sister picked out the same one on the same day and we each sent each other a picture of it!

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a coupon for 29% off your purchase at Payless for leap year. A lot of places had leap day sales but I was working late plus we had storms coming in so I was only had time to go to one store.

There puppies were $20 plus 29% off.... I am wearing them today. Super cute and comfy. This girl loves a wedge heel.

I also got these yellow beauties.... are they not so cute? Peep toe wedge, yes please. I am loving yellow for spring time. They have them in a few other colors too. They were also $20 plus 29% off... yes ma am! This girl got her some new spring shoes!

Then, also yesterday, I went to Francesca's and got some new spring earrings! YAY
Super cute right? I wanted the white ones but they didn't have any left so I went with the teal. I love a pop of blue with anything, especially for.... you guessed it... SPRING!
Also got some DIAMOND studs... fake of course, but they are blinging!!!

Now to get a spring wardrobe and I will be all set... speaking of

This is so the truth!