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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Almost Time!

I love the changing of seasons and while I do like fall, it makes me happier knowing christmas is that much closer!!! I can't can't wait!!! 
These made me happy! Not only are they the right size, they are boy/girl abd they.l were $.50 each! 
These are a kids size 2. Ha. BUT they are in perfect condition and were $.75 so how could I say no?
These were also $.75 each and are Keds. 

So for $3.25 all of these goodies came home with me. 

The consigment sales have been a huge busy for me. The last one I went to I got a pair of tights, a jacket and a puzzle. That was it!! I felt like the prices were way hi and I wasn't that thrilled with anything I found anyway. 
I did find a few smocked christmas dresses, one for next year for $9 and one for the year after for $12. I'm a sucker for smocked Christmas dresses! 

And speaking of Christmas....

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