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Saturday, April 30, 2011

History Being Made....

I am sure almost everyone knows about the terrible storms we had here on Wednesday. It was a very scary day for everyone in the south. We had terrible storms, hail and tornado's rip through Tennessee and Alabama. Hundreds of people were killed and even people were left with absolutely nothing. over 100,000 people without power, and about half of them still don't have power. It has been so wonderful to see our community pull together to donate their belongings, money and time to lend a hand. If you haven't already, please say a prayer for all of those who lost it all..... "I will praise you in this storm"

How terrifying does that look? wow....

On a happier note.... today was the Royal Wedding. What girl does not love a wedding? All I wanted to do was wear a big hat and sip tea all day. The wedding started about 4am our time. No, I did not wake up to watch it live. I might have a new best friend... DVR, what did I ever do without it?

Crazy hats!

Now that is the right idea. How cute is she?
It was a gorgeous wedding. I loved the lace on Kates dress and her veil, very timeless! She was beautiful, however, here flowers....were NOT! And did you see that church? Unbelievable! It was the perfect picture of royalty, tradition and elegance.

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