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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Week

Quick update on the week so far:
First of all, I must confess, since I am on vacation, I have spent a good amount of time on Pinterest. And when I saw this...
It cracked me up! How funny and true is this?
On another Pinterest note: Before we left, I was able to start my Pinterest project...

looks pretty good right?

Here is my view this week...

Not too shabby eh? The weather is PERFECT, breezy and in the high 80's, what could be better? Although it is a little weird watching football at night after a day at the beach...HA!
But the real reason we are here is because my lil Bub is GRADUATING from boot camp on Friday, how awesome is that?
We cant wait to see him, it has been 13 LONG weeks!
I am a PROUD big sis!!

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