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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Proud Sister of a MARINE!

So we spent all last week at the beach. And can I just tell you how perfect it was? Well.. except for the fact that someone got bit by a shark down the beach from us (he was fine, just a big gash)... and a few people drown. How awful is that? Pray for their families. I also heard that a Marine who had just graduated drown the same day in the ocean. So send up some prayers for his family! WOW!
Praise God for keeping us all safe...on a happier note...
Here are all the guys snoozin on the beach. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were pretty crowded due to the long weekend. But from then on there was NO ONE, other then little ones and old people and us! HA

cheesin at the beach.

Me and the Mr. soaking up the perfect weather. Mid 80's and sun ALL week!
Friday, we got up at 4:30 am to head about an hour away to see the Bub graduate.

Here is some of the crew watching them put up the flag.

And this is after he graduated!!!!!! YAY!

All the girls

little Bro is a man now!

Me and my Marine

The whole crew at lunch after graduation.

Some of Joeys Highschool buds.
And today, in his Dress Blues, quite handsome I must say!
He has changed a little bit and has some interesting stories and he finished most everything 1st in hie Platoon.....I am so proud of him!

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