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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kitchen Island Shopping

I have been looking for a "kitchen island" for my kitchen for a LONG time now. I put this in quotes because I am not looking for a typical island, I want something more versatile, preferably a furniture piece. But with the tight space, it is hard to find something I like that is
a.) close to counter height
b.) less then 21" deep
c.) less then 50" wide

However.... THIS piece met all of the requirements. And the sweet lady at the store is "lending" it to me until Monday. What are your thoughts?
At first I was ok with the green/gray color but now that it is in my kitchen and feels a tad heavy, I am thinking I am going to have to paint it a creamy white to go with the rest of my furniture as well as the kitchen table.

Here she is in my kitchen. Excuse the mess and the poor picture quality.

Here is the side view. Its a pretty good fit I think... I need YOUR thoughts before MONDAY!!! HELP!!!

And.... I bought that pretty blue pot on the right at Ross for $4.99.... isn't is pretty? Too bad I broke the little one in the store or I would have bought it too!!!! Oops!

Happy Saturday!

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