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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is Fast Approaching!

Its almost fall time officially. The weather is so much cooler, I purchased some fall candles and a cinnamon broom and I am holding out a few more days til I put my fall decor out and my new burlap wreath on my front door!
My hair dryer decided to die on me so I headed to TJ's to get a new one. I also purchased $100 worth of new work-out clothes, I am joining a gym tomorrow... this girl needs to loose a few pounds, wait... a LOT of pounds. HA!
I spotted this cute fall sign while I was there, I am contemplating going back to get it. I loved it.

And then I saw this one,  don't you love this sign?
Its almost time for long sleeves, jackets,tights, pants, scarfs and boots!
I picked up this cute polka dot sweater from Old Navy along with a denim dress, a coral and gray striped skirt and some pants.
Speaking of pants....

I ALMOST bought some coral skinny jeans but I just couldn't commit. They are so cute on some people, I just don't know if they would be on me!! HA!! What do yall think?

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