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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Baby

Can y'all believe its mid February!? Because I sure can't, this pregnancy is flying by!
My husband is starting to get worried because we really don't have much for these little babinos. 

I did manage to find these sweet canvas storage totes at Tj's the other day. The match the nursery quite nicely ( or what it will look like), so I got all 3. 
I also got 2 of these sweet bunnies from Pier , 2 different sizes to sit on a shelf together.

And.... Today, my MIL booked a date for my family baby shower and I ordered our cribs!!  I ended up getting them on Amazon with free shipping and no tax.. I'll take it! So excited! That room is gonna start filling up fast. I am going "changing table" shopping tomorrow. Hopefully I can find one! 

Yesterday was valentines day, I am sure you all noticed men everywhere frantically shopping for cards, flowers and chocolate... HA!

My sweet dad came by my office and dropped of these goodies how sweet is that? Totally made my day. 

I also went to my first kid consignment sale. Don't get too excited. I actually walked out empty handed. The line was so long and I only found a handful of clothes so it wasn't really worth it to stand  in line. 

Then, I came home to my sweet valentine of 12 years and he had bought me some more flowers. 

Hydrangeas. My favorite. Love them! 
We celebrated by going out to eat on Tuesday night... Bonefish of course (one of my favorites!) It was a pretty good day!
Still trying to finish up my registry, talk about overwhelming! Sheesh... who knew...??
Happy Weekend!

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