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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Change is a Good Thing

Here is my new and improved kitchen corner....
This picture is not so great but it looks good in person, I really like it! All the white with a little punch of color and life. This corner has not changed since we moved a year ago. Ahh... Sometimes change can be so refreshing.

And here is my new wreath fall wreath attempt #1....

Isn't it adorable? And, guess what it is made of? Coffee filters, talk about cheap! I like it but I think I am gonna try to make the fabric rosettes and see how they look. I think they are so cute and look pretty easy to make out of fabric scraps!

Now, I am just trying to decide when I want to put out my fall decorations... I am already using my fall candles... I don't think it will be long, I cant wait to get a pumpkin(or a few) for my front porch!

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