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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Its Football Time in Tennessee

It seems football is the hot topic this weekend, everyones Facebook status had something to do with football. Football, to me is the kick-off to fall. I am so excited and can't wait to go to a game this year. We both love us some TN football, both college and professional, although for some reason I prefer college and the Mr. prefers professional... go figure, we can never decide which games to go to...

How cute is this game-day look? LOVE it!

Its officially chips and dips season, yummy....

We enjoyed a nice night at the ball field this past friday. It was such a perfect night and we won, plus it was fireworks night (Bonus!!)

lots of fun!

We also ate at a really neat restaurant that overlooks downtown, Nikkis.

Back in the day it was a drive-thru. Dont you love the old cars

It pretty much looks the same and they still serve Cokes in a bottle, ahhh I love it!

Happy Labor Day Weekend... bye bye summer. Hello fall!

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