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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is Fall Here?

So apparently the day before yesterday was summer and yesterday fall decided to make its arrival. But not necessarily the way I expected,  the weather was terrible, we had more rain in one day then ever in the history of our town. It was crazy, there was flooding, road closures and power outages everywhere. I even got to leave work early! I came home and snuggled on the couch and watched a movie and decided to kick off fall with Chicken Chili and my new fall scented candles. The whole house smelled like fall, it was delightful!

This is the recipe for delicious chicken chili. Buy this box at the store and follow the directions on the box. Instead of water use chicken stock and also add
1 can Rotel
1 can Black Beans
1 can White Beans
1 small chopped onion
Its so simple and very good especially on a cold rainy day!

I have to share a  secret with you. I have tried a lot of candles. I really love Aromatique, but they are a little pricey! I am not really a fan of Wal Mart and do not go that often, however, they have great CHEAP candles. They smell up the whole house. My favorite smells are Mulled Cider for fall and winter and Fresh Cotton for spring and summer. You have to try them.

I keep meaning to share (sorry for the bad picture), I found a spot for my new find.
I put it in the powder bathroom on the floor in front of the sink and put some hand towels in it. I may buy some larger towels and roll them up and put them in there, or maybe a magazine? (It looks better in person... ha)

I did venture out in the cold, rainy weather today. (The high was only 65... wow!) For some reason, I have been wanting to go to Pier 1 lately so my Mom and I went and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  They have a lot of stuff that is not really my taste.... but, they had a lot of neat things and the prices were really not that bad.
I got this lil guy for $8. I have been looking for one and I really liked it, so he came home with me.

I also really loved these chairs from there.

 Warning: These next 2 pictures are from my phone so they're not great! HA

These fun lanterns were on clearance for $10. Originally $40, I really liked them but didn't buy them

I loved this detail on the lamp. I am thinking I am going to make a fall wreath and this is my inspiration. Oh yea, I can see it! HA!

I also went to a few other places including Target. I got a whole lot of stuff on clearence. I am telling you, when they put merchandise on clearence, they do it right. I love me some Target sales.

I did pick up some of this goodness....its pretty tasty... however not as tasty as my new obsession

ahhh... yes.... Fresca. I havent tried the second 2 flavors, I can never find them but I really want to, I have heard they are so yummy. I have everyone in my office hooked on this stuff. Its so light and citrus-y and NO CALORIES! My kinda drink.

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  1. I haven't tried the Fresca, but I've had the diet cranberry splash Sierra Mist, which we loved.