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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Projects

The weekend has come and gone. I got a few things done and of course, did some shopping! HA. unfortunately no thirfting though.
I bought this wonderful crate at Jon-Ann's for $9. It would be great for holding blankets and such... and would it not be fabulous if I could make it look like...

This! Hm... yes, my mind is racing!

I did a little more distressing on my "Egg" sign.
I really love it, just my style!

I bought this star at Target in the dollar section (it was $2.50) HA!

Here he is all painted and distressed. Apparently I have a "star" thing along with a lantern and boxwood thing... ha

I have had this piece for a while...

He was a little too green, so I decided to add some.. can you guess what color?

Yes! White wash of course! Much better... now where to put it?

And I did a little work on my punkin'. You did not honestly think I was gonna leave him like that? HA!

Is he not the cutest?

Well its officially here... Happy Fall Y'all!

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