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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Addition!

I have to share my proud new addition... to the kitchen! HA
I finally have a working microwave above the stove. It has been almost a year that I have been using a borrowed microwave hidden away in the armoire in the living room! Ghetto I know, I just didn't want to have it sitting on the counter since I have no counter stop space as it is. But this past Saturday, a friend of mine came to put it in for me! YAY!

I went into our massive Forever 21 store the other day. That store is a tad overwhelming to me and sometimes they have some off-the-wall kind of stuff but a lot of the time, they have some really cute and cheap accessories!

These nautical earrings were the last pair they had and I fell in love with them, especially for $1.50

These I really liked too for $4.

My sis and I did some thrifting the other day! I have really been missing going lately...

 I got this navy with green polka-dot tie for the Mr. for $2.50. My Sis got a Dooney and Burke belt for $2!

I went to 3 Thrift stores today and came out with this yarn wreath for $.99. Someone put a lot of work into that! HA! I really like the way they did the rosettes even though I am not crazy about the colors.

I bought a new house for my Peace Lily. I hope the pot is big enough. I fell in love with the white crackle finish (from TJ's)
Here is the new lamp on the table, I thought it might be a little small... thoughts?

and somehow I need a solution to this issue too... I have to run an extension cord all they way to beside the fireplace. Looks lovely doesn't it? Any ideas?

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