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Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Goodies!

It is so much fun to go shopping in this beautiful spring like weather! Who doesn't love to get new things? 
I am so excited about my new pot! I had a gift card and a coupon at BB&B and so I got this puppy for free, HA well kinda (It was originally $80, plus 20% off plus a $60 gift card) YAY! I also got some new cooking spoons and spatulas and also a new cupcake pan (since mine was dumb and only had spots for 6 at a time)

Here is my cute new spring bunny towel. It was funny because my sister picked out the same one on the same day and we each sent each other a picture of it!

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a coupon for 29% off your purchase at Payless for leap year. A lot of places had leap day sales but I was working late plus we had storms coming in so I was only had time to go to one store.

There puppies were $20 plus 29% off.... I am wearing them today. Super cute and comfy. This girl loves a wedge heel.

I also got these yellow beauties.... are they not so cute? Peep toe wedge, yes please. I am loving yellow for spring time. They have them in a few other colors too. They were also $20 plus 29% off... yes ma am! This girl got her some new spring shoes!

Then, also yesterday, I went to Francesca's and got some new spring earrings! YAY
Super cute right? I wanted the white ones but they didn't have any left so I went with the teal. I love a pop of blue with anything, especially for.... you guessed it... SPRING!
Also got some DIAMOND studs... fake of course, but they are blinging!!!

Now to get a spring wardrobe and I will be all set... speaking of

This is so the truth!

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