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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward

It was a beautiful weekend. And I STARTED transforming my house into spring!
Even though the boxwood wreath is hanging on the back door with a hook, I made it look like it is hanging by the burlap ribbon. (Tricked ya... HA!) Who does'nt love burlap and boxwood?

I also hung my moss wreath with the ribbon and a safety pin on my old window.

See.... LOVE it! Boss and burlap is my second favorite! HA

I put out my new cute little bunny towel and my new Easter egg napkins. Crazy Easter is only a month away!

I bought all of these sweet bunnies from Pier 1. Can't decide which ones to keep.... hmm...

My sis and I had another little craft day yesterday at her house....

We got an old vase $2 worth of egg ornaments from the Dollar Store and sticks from the back yard and there you have it....

Then we made the bunny topiaries. All we did was buy the bunny on the stick from Pier 1, put it in a  pot and we got rocks and moss from the back yard. Cute and cheap. That is how we roll!

How was your weekend? It sure did fly by, especially after loosing an hour with the time change. It really screwed me up last night, I could not go to bed and this morning it was so dark when I woke up. BUT, I do love that it stays light out longer. I am so excited!

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