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Thursday, November 29, 2012

All Things Baby!

Ok, so let me catch y'all up on my news!
First of all, thank you for all of your sweet Congrats messages!
Ok... here we go... (the quick version)
October 1st I had my first ever positive preg test!
I was able to go for my 1st ultrasound on my Husbands Birthday.. how cool is that? At first they just saw one little nugget but then... they found another! Here they are... VERY early... 5 weeks!

So we decided we couldn't wait to tell our family so I got a B-day cake that said "Happy Birthday Daddy to be"
It took a while... but they all finally figured it out. HA!
They were all shocked and so surprised....

And this is our 2nd ultrasound (7 weeks) Look how much bigger they are! They look like little rubber duckies! HA!
And of course, you saw our most recent ultrasound.
I spotted this at the Country Living fair and thought it would make the perfect announcement but I decided to make my own.
Here is how it turned out... not too shabby... what do y'all think? We used it on Thanksgiving as part of our announcement to the BIG family.
Please keep all 3 of us in your prayers... well really 4 including soon-to-be-dad who we just found out got into NP school and starts in... wait for it... MAY!! HA! Yes... crazy I know!
I go back to the Doc in 2 weeks and since I am high risk with twins.... they do an ultrasound each time... So.... we might be able to find out the gender!! We will see!!! Keep praying!


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  1. xoxoxo - Yiayia of twins is sooooo excited!!