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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Was Born A Ramblin (wo)Man

Don't y'all love my random posts??? HA...well...here is another completely random post...
I am sure that you all know the election is THIS Tuesday! I cant wait!
I had to share this picture, I put it on my Face Book the other day because I think Mitt looks just like the super hero from Mega mind... am I right? HA!

Halloween was this past week...(I still cant believe it is actually November!!) and although I am WAY too old for trick-or-treating... I always enjoy passing out candy and seeing all the little ones dressed up (not the scary costumes!)
A friend put these old pictures on FB and I had to share... thought y'all would get a kick out of them...

Yup, Thats me in my poodle skirt and my friend Beth was my dog!! HA.... my Mom made that poodle skirt for me and I LOVED IT!! Are we not the cutest things?

And this is me and Beth again. We were so proud of ourselves because we thought up our costumes and made them all by ourselves... (we were Hershey Kisses in case you were wondering).. we were so creative!! HAHA!

On another note...
I had dreams of sugar plums last night and totally did not get my extra hour of sleep!

Santa is here! I saw him at the mall yesterday and couldn't help but to grin at all the decor and Christmas music. I am trying to convince the Mr that we need to decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving because we will be so busy the weekend of Thanksgiving and I have to work... good excuse right?
We shall see.....

I am loving being with my 11th grade girls on Sunday mornings and we have our own room which we get to decorate. We needed some fun colors in there and so I came up with this idea...

They're cork tiles ($9.99 at Hobby Lobby, used my 40% off coupon) covered in fun fabric to hang on the wall so we can pin up photos, Bible verses etc... I hope they look cute on the wall. I might even try to glue some ribbon for them to hang from. Thoughts?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine has been super busy. And now I am off to the Ace Hardware Christmas open house... everything is 20% off!!! Woop!!!

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