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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Iphone Photo Dump

This was this past Monday. It was a yucky day but there was the most gorgeous rainbow and I had to snap a picture. How beautiful is that?
I went to the Ace Hardware Christmas open house last week and was looking at their ribbon ideas and I wanted to share a few ideas.

This was my favorite. 3 different colors/types of burlap. This is what I am going to aim for. 3 different types of burlap. I got a black plaid, a natural burlap and a red burlap. I cant wait to put it together.
And just so y'all know... this is our guest bathroom last night...

We are getting new carpet put in upstairs and so Hubs spent all day yesterday packing up our house... bless him....
I cant wait to have new fluffy unstained carpet that doesn't smell like the previous owners dogs! I will share pictures soon, it is gonna be a big mess for a little bit. It looks like we are moving, our house looks so bare!
It is one week til Thanksgiving... I can't wait (and I can't believe it is here)!


  1. My daughter and I went to the Ace Christmas open house, too! I got a cute towel that says "Merry Christmas Y'all"

    1. I saw that! I almost bought it, it was very cute!