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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Elf and Some Other Stuff

These are my beautiful Hydrangeas my husband bought me at work. He has never brought me flower to work and I have always told him I would love it if he would. Major brownie points!
I hung wreaths in the 4 back windows of my living room and I made burlap bows to go on top. My house is SO Christmasy!
And just in case y'all didn't believe me, here is the proof... my award!
Don't y'all love this time of year...? I run to the mailbox everyday. This is all Christmas cards I got in 1 day! Loving it!

My friend and I went to Bonefish the other night for dinner, she is having her baby on MONDAY! So I made her a cute little ornament and wrapped it all cute-sie
On another note, I have always looked forward to having an Elf on the Shelf when I have kids. However, my Mom gave me this little elf, which my Husband has named Kevin and has decided to have his own Elf on the Shelf. Here is just a few examples...

In my lantern on the kitchen table

In our bed tucked in the covers with hands behind his head watching Sports Center... HAHA!!


Hanging from the kitchen cabinets.
And I have also found him in my bathroom drawer, and also buckled up in my front seat.

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