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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Phone Dump

Here are a few pictures I need to "dump" on y'all.
I feel like it has been a while since I have blogged, I do apologize, the Christmas season has taken all of my time and I need to catch up!
Christmas has come and gone and I can't believe it! I am a little sad about it! I will have to fill you in on Christmas later.
This was from a few weeks ago at our tacky sweater party that I had to share. Aren't we cute?
I went out after Christmas shopping yesterday looking for the babies for next year.
Look at these cute PJ's, they were half off and pretty gender neutral and I thought I could add their names in lime green for next Christmas.
Then, I found some Christmas ornaments that I can have personalized for... $6!!!!! And I even bought the last girl one.
Here's a picture of the boy ornament. The girls is just pink. They re made by Glory Haas. Super cute stuff!

Look at the cute little owl!

This was a few days before Christmas. I had my family over for some "family time" I made lasagna and we (some of us) watched Home Alone.

And this is my ornament this year that my lovely Aunt sent me! How cute?

This was the other night. We had our first fire and snuggled up watching The Holiday.

This is a friend of mines Christmas gift.  A little yorkie-poo named Roo. How sweet is she?

And here is me and my Bub on our way to see a movie on Christmas Day.
We saw Parental Guidance, which was pretty cute.
Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I will share more soon!


  1. Did you buy 2 of that Christmas outfit? I bought that outfit for Huck, and you can have it now if you need another one. :)

    1. Hey! Actually, I did buy 2. Thanks though!

  2. Love the tacky sweaters, and still remember when you borrowed one of mine!