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Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm Back!!

Hey y'all!! Guess who?? Can you believe it!!?? I'm gonna try this blogging thing again but y'all know I am a little busy with two 1 year olds!!! Yes, they're a year old now! It's been a year since I have blogged. A lot has happened since then. I want this blog to be more about my thrifty finds and my treasure hunts, which is my new favorite hobby. By the way, no one told me how $$ kid and baby stuff is. Sheesh!!! Even more reason to buy used!
My little ones pretty much wear all used clothing and shoes. I just can't justify The expense with our limited budget.... but I'm ok with it because I truly love shopping for deals and "treasure hunting".

So here it goes. Now that the babies are wearing shoes, I am buying them is ALL sizes if I find the right pair. Ha. I know, a little crazy right? But they'll wear them eventually.  And the way they're growing right now it could be a few weeks from now!!! 

And yes. These all all keds for my child. Ha. I love them. They are classic, bleach-able and I just can't pass them up. All shoes were $2 (some of the keds might be a few $ more) not bad right!!?? 

Goodwill has all infant clothing for $1.29 and kids for $2.49 no matter what it is. I have found some great things. Some new with tags, smocked, and boutique brands.  

And I don't find as much home stuff but I have found a few things. 

$3 small pitcher and a moss wreath for $2. I wish I had a before picture of the wreath, it had some ugly flowers on it that were falling off, so all I did was take them off and there you have it. I love it! 
Not a great picture but this has 4 Christmas hostess gifts brand new for $3! Woop woop cute right!? 
And this was $1. I'll paint it white eventually and keep for toys or coloring stuff. Perfect right!? 
And I can't pass up 2 matching frames with mats for $3 each! These things are pricey in stores!! 
Goodwill also. $1. Easy to disinfect! And Grace is very much into pushing things around and LOVES it. Can't beat the price!!   

Also. The blogger app sucks. Any pointers? I can't get anything centered! I've always hated it, I was hoping it would be better a year later and it's not. 👎

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  1. Try flea markets and yard sales too. I got my grandsons a bunch of outfits for $1 per hanger (and there were 2 outfits per). I love the flea markets. Consignment shops are good too, but some can be a bit pricy because they get a cut of the sales. Goodwill isn't bad for kids stuff. I love the stuff you found!