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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Plate Holder

Long story short, my inlwas moved and didn't need their kitchen island so they let me have this one. It's a great fit but not really the look I was going for. However it was free and it's practical so it's staying.

I need to figure out a way to accessorize it, especially since it's pretty much the only surface the twins can't reach and yank stuff off!!! 

I have been looking for a plate holder or fruit holder but couldn't find one I liked until this past weekend. 

I finally found the perfect one at an antique store for $20, not a bad deal either. It's very unique and I really like the look of it. My plates however are gigantic and won't fit on the plate stand so I have been on the hunt for some to fit. 
I found these today at goodwill for $1 a piece. They are from Better Homes and Garden (which I guess is walmart) I like antique look and the edges especially! 

It will be perfect to hold our fruit and dress up the kitchen island a little! 

Of course I came out with clothes for the babies too.... Too much! Ill share those later. 

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