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Monday, July 18, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping and Thrift Store Pricing

I have been to a few Thrift Stores lately and have not had much luck. Boo! I did run into Goodwill the other day and came home with these items. My total was $1.70, bigger spender right?
I got this wreath for .59 and decided to put it around the candle in my lantern

Cute huh?

Then I found these, a bag of 8 for .99. Yes please. It was obvioulsy a DIY project, which I am all about. They were with the Christmas stuff and had been used as ornaments (complete with paper clips shoved into them to hang from). So, I took out the paper clips, ribbon and fake flowers.

I ended up with these. Arent the neat? Maps are everywhere and I am loving 8 of these all dodne for .99! I plan on putting them in a jar for my new and improved bookshelves! YAY!

Another fabulous find. We are updating basically everything where I work... so, I came home with this! It will look great on the deck with some fun and colorful pillows!

Francesca's was having a sale. These earrings were marked down from $15 to $3. I really love them. I also got a chain for my neclace that I mentioned in this post for $3. Yes! I can FINALLY wear it!

From time to time, I will go into Rugged Warehouse. It is usually hit or miss but they do have some awesome deals. Here is what I found!

While in Francesca's I saw earrings that looked a lot like these and they were $15 a piece. I got all 3 of these for $4. Feathers are so in right now and I love the silver ones and have been looking for some peacock feathers too. Score!

I also got this cute makeup bag for $4. I love the pleats, patent leather, polka dots and flowers.

I know its hard to see (and this picture is from my phone, so that does'nt really help), but I also bought this Target dress for $8. It is black with ruffles and flowers. It will be really cute with a long sleeve shirt, tights and boots in the colder months. And for that price... nice.

Have a great week!

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  1. I love thrift stores and Rugged Wear, too. You found some good buys.