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Friday, February 3, 2012

Dining Room Makeover

It has been a year a half and my dining room has been pretty minimal, nothing on the walls with just a table and chairs in it. We don't use the room a whole lot but I was so ready to have it looking like a real dining room. It is a very casual feel but I really like it.
Dining room before...

Our light fixture, not terrible but trust me... nothing special!

Here we go...

I am in LOVE with my new light fixture! I held on to the old one so that when we move I can take the new one with me!

The room is pretty square so I turned the table and put the new piece under the window!

I am LOVING the plate wall! I picked up the plates whenever I spotted ones I liked at Thrift stores and such. To hang the larger plates, I used plate hangers. But on the small ones (to save $1.99 each) I hot glued soda can tabs on the back. I tried to use super glue and gorilla glue but neither one worked.

I bought the lamp I liked at Kirklands. I had a coupon and ended up getting it for $35. I also got a mirror from there and I am debating whether to use it in here since the other 2 walls are still bare...thoughts?

This is my new Buffet/Sideboard. I got it at a little shop downtown last week. It is perfect and even the wood tones (see the chair) match! They were asking $200 and he gave me 20% off! I really like this piece and the good news it is a piece I can use in many different places.

I am still looking for some more accessories for the sideboard and the table. I still need some artwork too.

And here is my other purchase!

I am loving my new Windsor chair. I got is for $30. I love the color and the look

I put it in the corner next to the window with the armoire and I moved my floor lamp beside it.

I also put the pillow from my SIL for my Birthday in the chair and it looks perfect!

I am loving my new purchases, I keep walking by to look at it all. I still need to get a few more things but it is all coming together!

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  1. Looks wonderful! Love the deals!