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Monday, February 27, 2012

Craft Day

Saturday, I had lunch with a dear friend and had my favorite soup and salad at Olive Garden. We like to give each other little "surprises" (as we call them) so, needless to say this was on display when I got to the restaurant and it made my day!
Is that not the sweetest thing? I love the Peace Lily. I had mentinoned that I wanted one and she remembered and bought it for me, is it not so pretty?
I also got a Valentine gift with mints, cute tissues with hearts on them and Twizlers! Plus, a really cute spring towel and some cute spring napkins with paper plates that match! YAY for Spring!
When can I start decorating for spring?

My sis and I also decided to have a craft day. We were in Hobby Lobby for half the day deciding what do make but this is what we ended up with...
I have seen these yarn wreaths all over pinterest and blog world so I decided to make one.
Total cost $13.
All it is is: a straw wreath, navy yarn and the rosettes.
I didnt even use any glue. Its super easy, just takes a while to wrap the entire wreath with yarn.
I am thinking about trying to make some burlap rosettes or possibly getting some other colors for spring but I am loving this for July 4, evern though it is WAY early, HA we are already thinking summer at our house and planning vacations and such. I cant wait!
This is my sisters creation.
She bought a straw wreath at the Thrift Store that already had the florist pins in it for $1.50. We bought the W and the gingham fabric at Hob Lob and here you go... again NO GLUE and so easy! I am thinking I may make one for spring.

Sunday we went to church, a baby shower and small group.
What a FUN weekend!

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