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Monday, July 23, 2012

Being Real

My WONDERFUL Pastor has started a new series on "Being Real in the Midst of the Counterfeit" (1 Corinthians)

And it goes right along with what I have been studying lately and I just couldnt help but share.
Sunday, he talked about "Testing for What is Real"-testing your foundation and your works.

I just LOVE our Pastor, and we are so blessed to have a preacher that teaches the TRUTH without being worried about stepping on someones toes.

First of all, I have been looking for a new daily devotional and I went to Lifeway and came out with 2

They are both really good! So, if you are looking for a new devotional, defintly check these 2 out. (Jesus calling is really popular.)

Our small group just finished up this book. Talk about it rocking your socks off, it is a must read, but NOT an easy read! David Platt is not afraid to remind all of us why we are on earth and really makes you wanna go out and reach the ends of the earth for HIM!

The end of the book challenges you to do ao few things. One of which, is ready the entire Bible in a year. We all started raeding Chronologically, on July 1st and it has been so neat!

And this is our new study we are doing with our church small group.
So far I am really liking it, we are on the 2nd chapter, so I will share some about it when we are through.
I read Crazy Love last year and really liked Francis Chan. (Not an easy read either)

So take all of that for what it is worth.
Just a few suggestions for us growing Christians.

(It has been great to grow spiritually and seek God everyday!) And how GREAT is it that we live in a country where we are FREE to do it... Thank you Jesus!

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