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Friday, January 18, 2013

Let the Baby Buying Begin!

Unfortunately, I have to take the long 3 hour sugar test a week from today since I (barely) failed the 1 hour test this past week. She did say that they pretty much expect that with twins and that I should be fine on the long test. So say a prayer!
On a happier note, I started my Baby Registry yesterday... talk about overwhelming. I was on the Ipad in bed for hours looking at stuff last night! Yesterday was also the first day for baby purchases!
Kirklands had some cute lamps I spotted and a $25 off coupon so I went by yesterday (in the horrible, freezing rain/snow/sleet) on my lunch break to pick them up.
I got this sweet little birdy lamp for the nursery
And this glass lamp for the Dining Room so I can use that one for the nursery. (BTW this lamp is HUGE and I kinda love it!)
I heard about a warehouse here in Chattanooga that gets Amazon returns called Southern Thread, unfortunately, I had to work but my MIL and SIL  went for me and sent me pictures of things. Here is what they picked up for me.
A Pack-and-Play ($45 plus $23 for the mattress)
My Little Snugabunny Cradle n Swing
And the Snugabunny Craddle and Swing for $86, a great deal. Isn't is cute? We decided, as of now, to just get one swing and see how that goes. I will probably register for the matching bouncy seat.
I have also been looking for artwork for the nursery and stumbled upon this.
Pinned Image
How perfect is it?
Well, not for $110.
I am gonna have someone paint it for me that I found on Etsy and maybe do another to match (maybe with polka dots) and lamb. Plus she is also going to make a canvas to go above each of their beds with their names on them (still undermined) YIPPEE! Progress... and I should get fabric samples soon for the bedding.
And I started looking for coming home outfits for the babies...
Pinned Image
Uh how cute is this?
I am dying! There are so may cute summer outfits!

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