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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surpise Birthday Trip!

Tuesday I went to work for a few hours and then headed to my Baby Doc. Apt. We got to see the little nuggets moving around and everything looked great! 18 weeks!
Then we headed out for my surprise over night Birthday trip. At first I thought we were going to Nashville, but when we got on the interstate headed towards Knoxville, I knew we were most likely going to Gatlinburg. And I was correct!
Our first stop was Bass Pro Shop, which is always fun to go into. HA... to me, it is like a theme park! There is all kinds of stuff to look at and do. For some reason, I love looking at the waterfall and the fish.  You can literally buy anything here, including camo baby bedding available in pink as well as regular camo. HA!
We settled into our place in Gatlinburg and then headed off to dinner. I have never seen Gatlinburg so empty! I guess because it is after Christmas break and there is no snow or anything.
We went to The Peddler, a Steakhouse, HA... not my favorite right now since I have a HUGE food aversion to meat at the moment... HA, so I just stuck to a baked potato and the salad bar.
3 years ago we came to Gatlinburg before Christmas and it was PACKED and it snowed quite a bit....It was beautiful!
 I wish it had snowed this time!
Then, the next morning (yesterday) we had breakfast at The Pancake Pantry. It was my first time being there and it was pretty good. I love the little shops and stuff in "The Village" in Gatlinburg. It's like being in Germany, isn't the building neat?
Then we got in the car and headed down to Pigeon Forge to go the the outlets. I didn't have much I was looking for since I just ordered a lot of maternity clothes the other day from Old Navy. So we went and looked at a few store and some baby store but all I came out with was jewelry!
Cute right? I got both pairs at Old Navy! I didn't even know they had accessories and they were only $5.99 each!
We left and headed to Turkey Creek in Knoxville and went to a few more stores and ate at one of my favorite places, Newks (which I wish we had in Chattanooga). By this time, it was raining and I was so sleepy from not sleeping well the night before and we headed home and rented the new Borne movie and were lazy the rest of the night.

It was a great trip, a fun surprise!

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