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Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden Party

 A few weeks ago I went into this super cute store, Little Presh. They have all kinds of cute baby and kid things and the owner and I talked for quite a while.

Anyways, I ran into her a few more times and came back to the store and she invited me and another friend who shops there to come to a Garden Party at her church.
Come to find out, it is a lot like the Woman's Christmas Tea we have at our church every year around Christmas. A woman hosts a table and decorates it and there is dinner and a speaker. However, here they also had a silent auction and door prizes, how fun? 
Another funny thing is, I knew another girl that was also at the table with us. Such a small world!
This was our table. It was SUPER cute. All done in coral and mint colors.
 Did I mention that it really makes me want to host a party and buy a Cricket/Silhouette machine?

I love these paper straws. We had them in our drinks and in the cupcakes, so cute!
The center piece was simple, tissue balls on 2 cake stands and tulips in the glass jars. LOVED it!
 The speaker was a woman who is a missionary in the D.R. who's ministry is focused on woman involved in Sex Trafficking, she did a great job. That is some serious stuff right there, breaks my heart!

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