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Monday, May 6, 2013


This is me on my (2nd to) last day of work, I still cant believe I am actually done after a little over 2 years of being here....I am going to miss everyone so much!!!
Random... but my mom snapped this picture of  my Daddy and me having lunch after church on Sunday at Panera.
Also, another random thing....
I have been wanting to make my daddy-to-be a daddy basket for the hospital and today I found these...

I typically am not thrilled with Daddy and Mommy stuff but I thought these were pretty cute, I got 2 of course.
In celebration of my last day, one of my co-workers brought me a treat....

Have y'all ever had a cheesecake cupcake from Gigis? OMG.... delish! Don't worry, I shared!
I saw this today at a  local gift store....
How cute it that? I love it!

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