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Friday, May 10, 2013

Shop, Shop, Shop

Yesterday was a busy busy day, I had one of my first experiences at Cosco with my SIL and we did some shopping at TJ's and Target.
Then I went to 2 thrift stores...

Got this sweet outfit for $1.50

This one (brand new with $45 Bailey Boys tag) for $5.

And this one (also brand new with Bailey Boys tag for $45) for $6. It is size 12M so hopefully next spring he can wear it.
Y'all know that I LOVE lanterns! Its become quite a dilemma because I keep telling myself I don't need anymore! They are all over my house...

But when I saw 2 of these (even though they were $20), they had to come home with me. Now to find a spot for them.

And I got another boxwood. I really like the shape of it.
My Sis and I stopped today at a few yard sales, there weren't many, so maybe we will have some luck in the morning, but I did get 2 things...
This cute brand new reindeer car set for $3 (they crack me up) and a RL pillow for $1. Not too bad right?
I also got a cute navy/white strip summer scarf today at Platos for $3 and a pair of really cute leopard print flats for $7! SCORE!
I met my friend Kim today at a tea room for lunch and we celebrated mothers day, she got me a really cute scarf! And tonight I am off to some friends of ours wedding. Busy day!
Now to take a smallish nap or 2... HA!

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