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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ralph Lauren Babies

Saturday I had lunch with a dear friend after I went to the half off day at the JBF consignment sale. (which I scored some great items... see pictures below)
We ate lunch and the Chop House (yummy) and she bought the babies matching RL blankets. I almost died.... are these not so stinkin adorable? And it's their first blankets!

My sister and I went and painted pottery Saturday afternoon and I decided to paint a piggy bank to match the twins room, I cant wait to pick him up and see how he turned out. My sis made an Auburn candy bowl.

Also, when I got home that night, I had a surprise on my door step! The babies Artwork!!! I was so excited and even more so when I opened up the package. I also got 2 canvases with their names on them (which I cant show you quite yet, but they look amazing!) How sweet are these canvases? She is so talented! I was so pleased! She did the names for $36 a piece and these canvases for $66 each. This is here Etsy website, Miss Pokadot, She is terrific!

 My Sis and I went to a consignment sale on Thursday afternoon (which didnt have much to choose from). This is all I picked up. 2 RL dresses $6 a piece and a little romper for $3.
$15 total at the Duck Duck Goose Sale.

Time to share what I got at the 1/2 off sale from Saturday. 
2 RL rompers (not half off) but $4.50 and $5.00 was not too bad and poor little boy needs some clothes. HA!

More RL stuff for out little girl... CHEAP stuff...$2, $3,$2.50 and  $4 (dress)

$1.50 Gap shirt,. $2, Carters shirt $2, duckie shirt $.75, $1.50 Gap yellow PJ's

Adorable little bathing suit (we will see if she is able to wear it,( it says 12-18 lbs) $2.50 and crab romper $1.50

Gap outfit with hat $2, Strasburg White linen Jon Jon $7.50, which I can get monogrammed!
$44 for all of that is pretty darn good if I do say so myself!
My MIL went to the beach for a few days and hit up the RL outlet and also bought me some matching polos. This is his, Hers is similar but has ruffles. I cant wait to see them in it!
Apparently my babies have no choice but to LOVE Ralph Lauren... HA!
What a fun weekend! Full of baby stuff!!

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