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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrift Shoping

Yesterday, I was off work and got a chance to catch up on cleaning and laundry. Plus, I even cleaned out my closet and all of my drawers (really why do I keep some of that stuff??). I threw away one whole bag of stuff and got another bag to give to my SIL. Plus, I was even able to sell a few RL polo shirts, I made $25!
Since I was off, I was able to also get some shopping done. One of which was a Target run... always fun!
HA., I love these Ecards.
 Oh, and BTW....so, they have their Easter candy out... TROUBLE!
These things are MAJOR addicting, and the tropical flavor is pretty tasty as well.
I also had some time to make a few Thrift Store stops.
Got some more great deals. YIPPEE!
Y'all ready to see....

PJ pants size 12 months $.50

Target pants $.50

onesie. $.50

RL onesie $.50


RL shirt $4

RL dress $4

Boys gown $1

RL dress $4

And I found a great deal on these BRAND new Sperrys. They are a little big but I couldn't pass them up for $3.
I have one more consignment sale today, so we will see what else I come out with. I am about BROKE! HA....
The other thing that is good about all these good deals I have been getting is I can sell them back at a consignment sale! YIPPEE!

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  1. And the Sperry Top Slider's fit your Momma just fine! Thank you!~