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Monday, April 22, 2013

One More Month (Or Less)

I have GOT to pack my bag!!!! It is getting so close and really it could be ANY day now. Oh dear... so much to do! 

My sweet friend bought me my baby mattresses and they came in last week! They are on the cribs and ready to go! The room is starting to come together, but still have a LONG way to go! I have piles of stuff everywhere, waiting to be put away.

This past Saturday was MY LAST Saturday to work! I am so thrilled! I think I have 2 more weeks left and I am retired! YAY! I was trying to see what my "shelf" looked like when I was sitting... HA!
My BIL is getting married June 1 and we had a shower for his soon to be wife yesterday at our church. Between 3 of my baby showers, in the month of April I had 8 showers total! WOW!
I found this cute cookbook at a new place here called Ollies, basically Big lots, for $6. I also got her a set of pillowcases that I am going to get her monogram put on for another one of her showers.

I wrapped up the cookbook with a burlap table runner that I bought at Trees and Trends (I got one for myself too) for $9, and I also got her a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens (with my Coke Points), tied it with twine with some wooden spoons on it. I thought it was cute!

I love Coke points! I got theses adorable address labels for the twins announcement for FREE with my coke points. YAY!

I was in Home Goods yesterday and spotted this beauty. It would be so perfect in my kitchen as my island, but it was quite expensive!
Here is the before picture of our $80 changing table....
And.... after!
The Mr. primed and painted it and I just got done distressing it, now he is sealing it as I type and it'll be up in the nursery stocked with all things baby by tomorrow!
 I have GOT to get this nursery together! I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and the twins will be here in a month (May 23....if not before!) EEK!

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