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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Thursday

The other night, I went to bed with my hair wet and when I woke up, my hair looked perfect! I couldn't have fixed it better myself, nor do I know how (especially with shorter hair) to do the looser, messy curls.
check it. I gotta try that more often! And all I did was wake up and go in the morning. I have a feeling I will be taking advantage of this, my luck it will never look that good again. HA!

Here is the preggers belly and the hair from the front. Look at how stinking cute this dog is. He is a cockapoo named Otis. OMG I think I need one... as if twins aren't enough! HA!

Also, remember how excited I was to get bows from Hob Lob for $3. Well, they re going back... because WalMart has them for $1!!!!

Speaking of $1. I got this sweet little bathing suit for $1. I am going to have her monogram put on it in a lime green. YES! love it!
I also got this dress for $3. Its 12-18 months but since its navy and pink it will be easy to find stuff for him to coordinate with her.

I know y'all are worried about little boy having clothes... not to fear!
I got 15 pieces today from a girl I met online for $30. $2 a piece, not too bad right. The ones on the top are onesies and shirts, a pair of shorts (bottom left) 4 rompers (Gap, Gymboree, Polo and Carters) and 3 pair of pants (brown, navy and white).
Yay for cute boy clothes!

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