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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Casual Sister Saturday

Sis and I decided to have a very casual no makeup, hat kind of a day on Saturday, which typically means you will run into half of the people you know... (which proved to be true that day.. ha) ANYWAYS,  we hit up several yard sales and to be perfectly honest, I did not find anything to really get that excited about but it was a fun time. There were 2 community sales we went to, the first of which, was a complete BUST... only like 2 people in the neighborhood decided to participate. HA. oh well... we then went to a massive neighborhood that literally had 50 yard sales... EASY!

Here are our finds...
2 wire wreath forms, a plate hanger (which is somehow MIA), 5 big bottles of craft paint, yarn (picture of all my sisters finds and a bag of pine cones all for... drum roll please... $.50!!! HA, this lady was packing up by the time we came around, so she was pretty much just ready to get it off her hands!

My sister got all of this for under $3 except for the serving pieces that were $7.50.  Sperrys were only $.50, coloring book $.25, 2 Mason Jars $.50, purse, tree, frame and plate holder $1.50.

I also got this wreath form for $1.

The candle and the notepad were $.50 each... then I got the Carrie CD at a Thrift Store for $1.

This plate was $.30 cents at the Thrift Store as well...

The big find of the day, was on old Singer sewing machine my sister bought for a gift....

It still works, but had the original manual along with some spar parts! How neat!

So there you have it... nothing too exciting. But I had a whole day of fun for just a few dollars!

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