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Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday Continued

My Sis and I spent the rest of our Saturday having lunch at Zaxbys and running to Michaels to Hobby Lobby. Then we had a craft day!

I got these studs at Hobby Lobby, 1/2 off and bought the backs of the earrings to glue them on. So I got a 2 new pair of earrings for $4. One is going to be a gift and one for me!
They look just like the ones I saw at Francesca's for $9, YAY! Cheap and easy, the way I like my crafts.....HA!

Don't you just love blue mason jars, becuase I sure do!
I have several clear jars that I have purchased waiting to try the tutorial on Pinterest where you can die them blue. So, we decided to give it a try.
We looked for the paint at Hob Lob, we couldn't find what we were needing so we went to Michaels, where they had the paint on clearance for $2! (even though it is not the same paint I found in the tutorial) After loosing my keys in the store for about 30 minutes... (HA) we headed home.

It worked! Here is our result, and we did all those jars with one small bottle of paint.
You can follow the tutorial here.
Here are a few quick tips:
The key is to use the translucent glass paint and do THIN coats of paint using a sponge brush.
Let it dry completely before trying a 2nd coat or the paint will peel off.
The neat thing is that after 10 hours, the jars are washable! It was so easy and now I might be addicted to dying glass blue!!

WHEW! What a day of deals and crafts!

Our small group was getting together for dinner and a baseball game downtown. We missed dinner but decided to head down to the Lookouts game, what a great group we have!
Downtown was PACKED! There were prom-go-ers everywhere, the Aquarium was having their 30th Anniversary so they had activities and the game was SOLD OUT! I have never seen a Lookouts game sold out! We looked for parking for 45 minutes! But we finally made it down there and luckily we were able to get tickets, it was definitely the perfect weather for a game and we went out for a little bit to Big River Grill after!

Hope yall had a great weekend!

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