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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yard Sale Season!

It is Yard Sale season.....YIPPEE, and today was the perfect day for it.... now if only I didn't  have to work today and every other weekend....hmm

BUT, I did get a chance to go Thrifting after work today, and I was very successful and a little giddy I must say, HA!

I got this sweet lace pillow for a steal of $2. I am pretty sure I saw the same one at TJ Maxx a few months back.

I also got this large pillar candle for $.99 and the lil tote for $2. The other side has little ducks on it, so I plan on spray painting it white, distressing it and using it to hold utensils and napkins for parties!

I spotted these lovely, plump hounds tooth black and cream pillows. I got 2 for $5 each, not too shabby eh? I wish the insert came out so I could get a monogram embroidered on it... oh well!

I also went to TJ Maxx and fell in love with this paisley yellow table runner. Perfect for summer time. When did I become so obsessed with table lines?

I picked up some ferns yeserday to put in my galvanized tins. They were on sale at Lowes for $7.99

Here is one on our newly painted and stained porch!

On another note, I was doing the laundry tonight and had just closed the lid, when my Hubs called and told me he thought he had left his wallet in his shorts from the other day....
   oops, too late! At least it didn't go through a full wash... just a little dip! HA!

That's all folks! Who else got some good deals this weekend?

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